ASD: A New Perspective

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Episode #19: Self-Stim and More

Episode #20: The Role of the RDI® Consultant

Episode #17: What About Behaviour?

Episode #18: What About Behaviour Part II

Episode #15: Co-Occurring Conditions: Eating Disorders, OCD and More

Episode #16: Co-Occurring Conditions: What About Self Stim?

Episode #13: Being Human

Episode #14: What are Co-Occurring Conditions

Episode #11: Personality & Your Child

Episode #12: ASD Myths About Eye Contact

Episode #9: The Great Divide in Autism Treatment

Episode #10: ASD Myths -Longing for Relationships

Episode #7: Hope for Individuals with Autism

Episode #8: You Can Parent Your Child with ASD

Episode #5: The Biggest Loss for Infants & Parents

Episode #6: Signs that ASD Infants Are Motivated to Maintain Stability

Episode #3: Mental Growth Is Rewarding!

Episode #4: ASD Infants: The Beginning of Disengagement

Episode #1: ASD: In the Beginning

Episode #2: Infants & Parents: How it Works!

If your family is struggling with an autism diagnosis and needs help, please contact an RDI certified consultant today.

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