When one RDI mom began to contemplate and list the improvements her family had seen since starting RDI, she stopped at over 100! Following are a few of her discoveries and a link to the entire list.

1. I can make breakfast inside, while Kid is outside, with the cats or just walking around in the front yard.  (He doesn’t need me to supervise 100%.)
2. I can leave the back gate open on the fence and he will just stay in the backyard. (Versus wandering to the neighbors house.)
3.  He can be told to just go take a shower.. and he does it.
4. Grandma and Grandpa can babysit him for extended periods of time.
5. A selected few others can babysit him for short periods of time.
6. He carries on conversations in the front yard with the neighbors without my help.
7. He doesn’t scream out the window ‘conversations’ to passers-by (much.)
8. We are volunteering at Petco.
9. He no longer exhibits physical violence.  Even though he will say he feels like it he will tell me and then we will do something about it.
10. When he is the care of another person, for work or for respite, I don’t care as much how they do their job (as long as it is done.)  I have relinquished responsibility.  This is possible

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