This week we again feature a not-to-be-missed event. RDI consultant Jenny Palmiotto hosts Love and Autism with an array of noteworthy speakers such as best selling author Daniel Siegal. Kathy Darrow, an expert in her own right, mother and professional consultant to parents of children on the spectrum is featured below.

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kathy darrow picture(2)Kathy Darrow has a natural gift of ‘getting it’ as she too has shared the bewildering journey of most parents raising children on the spectrum. She recalls feeling despair with the lack of progress of her youngest child, disempowered by the ‘your just the mom’ attitude of many professionals, and limited by her previous lack of knowledge related to her own children. As any new mom, Kathy was supposed to have that time limited sense of incompetency, but with the diagnosis of two of her four children, those feelings continued to persist. Kathy recalls a deep longing to connect with her children and the confusing world the emerged when directives started coming from all sorts of professionals. In fact, things were getting worse for her family even with treatment. Even with all Kathy’s love, she wasn’t seeing the changes that she wanted for her son. Something had to give…

There seemed to be a parallel between her own experience of overwhelm to that of her children’s perpetual state in those early years. Since that time more than a decade ago, Kathy has become an passionate advocate, educator, and guide to many parent of children on the spectrum.

In 2004, Kathy started the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) program with her two children. With great relief, her little boy showed improvements within the first few weeks. Inspired by the changes her own children made, Kathy became an RDI certified consultant so that she could guide parents towards improved quality of life. As an RDI consultant and the most prolific blogger on this topic, Kathy is passionate about sharing her expertise to help parents feel empowered to make meaningful changes in their children’s life.

At the Love and Autism conference, Kathy will provide every-day practical tips to creating lasting changes. Parents just want to be parents, not therapists and RDI creates the road-map to feeling like a capable and competent parent again. Kathy’s presentation, A Mother’s Love: Reflecting Back to Move Forward, will provide both parents and professionals with the motivation and permission to use the abundance of parental love as a driving force toward change. Kathy will use her personal and professional journey to inspire and educate.

Join Kathy and many other experts in the field of relationships for ASD:

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