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By: Esther Tell

This week I reviewed a webinar by Dr. Sheely about dyads. The Webinar was for professional therapists, but she had some great tips for parents as well.

1. If possible try to have the play date in a place that both children have been before.

2. Try to stay as uninvolved as possible, this is important because you want to give your child a chance to solve or at least think about the process of playing by themselves.

3. The children will disconnect, typically developing children do this as well. Disconnection is a good thing; it gives them a chance to learn. If there is a breakdown, give them a chance to solve it themselves.

4. If the play date is happening at the home, ask your child if there is a toy that they don’t want to share with anyone. Then allow them to pick out two or three toys that they do want to share.

If this is a first time play date, stay in the immediate area for safety reasons. An ideal position is to be in an area where you can silently observe without being seen.

I promise I am not being paid off by McDonald’s, when I tell you that Dr. Sheely recommends it as a great play date location. You can observe the children without being obtrusive, and you can take your child there to get familiar with the setting a few times before the initial interaction.

One of the most important things to remember is to allow your child to have disconnections, and to become distracted. This is an opportunity to construct problem resolutions on their own terms.

rachelle_5F00_sDr. Rachelle Sheely serves as the President of RDIconnect as well as the head of professional training and supervision. For the past fifteen years she has been a leader in the development and logistical implementation of programs for both families and professionals working with children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities.


The full webinar can be found on our learning community, please contact us for details www.rdiconnect.com.

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