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I need RDI research info to help with insurance have you tackled the insurance issue?

Emotional sharing activities….some ideas

Does anyone use Brain Gym?

Denial after an autism diagnosis is pretty normal…is that your experience?


  • Dr. Gutstein’s Weekly Webinar on RDI Program
    Every Wednesday at 12 noon CST. Join in as Dr Gutstein consults with RDI families and/or discusses key elements of the RDI program. Hosted by Steven Gutstein, PhD., RDI Founder
  • Why I Became an RDI Program Certified Consultant!
    Consultants will share with the community their personal stories of what drew them to RDI and how RDI has impacted the families they work with and their own lives. Hosted by Kat Lee, RDI mom and certified consultant. September 29 at 7pm: Karla Galvan Duque B.A.   Chile/ Mexico

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