The following story was originally posted on the SAI Connections website. SAI is the first centre in India which provides RDI consultation for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Nafi, currently 14 years of age diagnosed with ASD, is under RDI program at SAI Connections ‎since 4 years and shown significant improvement in many areas of development. 

RDI doesn’t focus on task completion but it looks into processing where the child is mentally challenged and how he is going to respond to ongoing variants of therapy. Due to the short attention span, mental processing is difficult in children with Autism spectrum disorder. Kids with autism are good at completing task, but back-and-forth emotional sharing is usually missing. To take up mental challenges, it requires back-and-forth gaze shifts. These gaze shifts can vary from curiosity, interest, pleasure or then wonder (doubt).
By the age of nine months, infants are checking adult’s facial expressions when uncertain to help them make decisions. They collect information in order to make decisions, while in case of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder self awareness may be low. Flexible thinking is must in this real dynamic world.

Being a part of SAI Connections and through the guidance and feedback of my RDI consultant Mrs Kamini Lakhani, I have got the opportunity to become better guide to my son Nafi Padamsee.

Thank you.
Mrs. Zohra Padamsee


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