IMG_2563This past weekend while preparing for Christmas, I was reminded of an RDI principle, brought home by an amazing father-son apprenticeship here at RDIconnect. We were having carpets installed and spending the weekend here while it was happening I noticed 10- year old Jose actually working on the carpet installation.

I first saw him tearing out carpet, taking down the runner around the edge of the wall and later installing a new one. Lots of mixing, lots of running back and forth to the truck for the other workers. Jose was very serious about his job but also a friendly kid, extremely proud of working with his father and his good grades in school.  He was the official language translator.

“You’ve got a pretty good helper here”  (RS)

“He’s my best worker.  He goes everywhere with me” (Dad)

“I’ve even been to Louisiana” (Jose)

IMG_2559No whining and no complaining, this little boy was learning life lessons few children have an opportunity to learn; not only lessons about carpet installation, but lessons about time management, organization and interpersonal relationships.

Most important: that fathers guide their children and take the time to do it.  Admittedly, this was a superb guide and a superb apprentice with a unique opportunity as well.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Jose and his dad.  I’m reminding myself that time is a great gift, a loving, important one.


What about you?  Are you inspired?

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