family-492891_640Here in the U.S., April 15th is a day that nobody likes. We didn’t ask for it, we find it frustrating, and we complain. Yet, we do it. We prepare for it and we take responsibility for it.

‘Taxing’ has a number of definitions—none pleasant. The one that stands out today is exhausting because it goes to the heart of an underlying goal of RDI—that eventually families guiding their child on the spectrum will feel more normal. Of course, parenting can be exhausting so we don’t pretend that RDI will change that.

When your child becomes a good apprentice you will find that you are no longer “getting” him to do something. Your child will begin to take on his own learning and look to you for guidance. We don’t pretend it’s easy but our parents do it every day of their lives and, taxing though it is, we admire and credit their inspiration.

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