Marriage is hard work and can often be fragile. When a couple faces the extra challenges of a special needs child, the fragility can increase at an alarming rate. For a special Valentine’s Day treat, I want to share this recent webinar that was recorded for members of the RDI Learning Community. Host, Kat Lee shares her wisdom she has gained as an RDI Consultant and, more importunately, as a wife and mother who has first hand experience of dealing with these unique challenges.



26Kat Lee is a private consultant to families with children with autism, certified in Relationship Development Intervention. She is passionate about helping  parents learn to guide their children through a program designed specifically for families. She has been an RDI Program Certified Consultant for 12 years and is located in Dallas/Fort Worth. She see families both in Dallas/ Fort Worth, as well as from around the world. You can contact Kat at

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