Autism is a bio-psychosocial condition

Why does autism happen? It is a complex genetic picture

When does autism happen? Beginning prior to birth, but the brain changes throughout life

Autism Is Not Primarily a Social Disorder

Autism Is Not Primarily a Social Disorder

What is it? It is a failure to develop flexible neural relationships, it has to do with the way the brain integrates information and uses it.

What is going on? “Under connectivity in the brain could explain difficulty in novel cognitive tasks.”When this happens, the autistic person gets overwhelmed.

If things become overwhelming they revert back to a previously learned rule based system

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What is going to happen over time? –ASD brains become more static over time while neural typical brains become more dynamic.

What does RDI do? RDI Re-structures a static brain to become more dynamic.

Dr. Gutstein shares a few thoughts:

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