RDI® Certified Consultant, ESE Varying Exceptionalities, K-12

Location: 15214 80th Dr. North, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418, United States

Phone: 561-252-5113

Areas Serviced: All Countries and States served

Languages: English and have a Spanish Translator who travels with me

Works at a Distance

Joyce Albu

Working in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders for over 30 years, I have Learned that ALL individuals can learn and I assume competence in each person/learner and family I connect with.

I feel there is no better teacher who has a vested interest in their child as the parents of that child. Once tools are provided in a manageable way to them, I have observed hundreds of parents change the life of their children and therefore their own lives undergo positive altering. I enjoy my office and training field as it is on a farm.

I feel the concept of outdoors for ALL children and especially those on the spectrum is a great environment for critical thinking, socializing and dynamic intelligence.

I enjoy working with different cultures and have has the pleasure of working extensively in India, Canada, Mexico and Trinidad.

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