Kaci-Ann Phillips, B.A. Psych.

RDI® Consultant in Training 

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 250-299-2446

Areas Serviced: BC, Kamloops BC, Merritt BC, Chase BC, Salmon Arm BC, Barrier BC

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Kaci-Ann

I am a graduate of Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, where I received a degree in psychology and a post bacc in human resilience. I have been working with individuals diagnosed with ASD and other cognitive and physical disabilities since my graduation in 2005. I chose this career path after becoming a ski instructor with an adaptive ski program in the area. I loved watching children experience the feeling of excitement and exhilaration on the mountain that I hold so close to my heart. After hearing stories from parents about how proud they were of their child, I knew this was something I was passionate about.

I began working with at-risk youth who struggled with various cognitive disorders and negative life circumstances until I found a job as a behaviour interventionist, focusing on growth through play and ABA. I work in many rural areas where services are not readily available. Many parents ask me what they can do to help their child, and thats where RDI came into my life. Parents become the guide to help their child succeed so they are not relying on others to help the child, and feeling lost and confused when the child returns home. Through my work I see that it truly does take a village to raise a child, and the parents have all the tools to be the best support for their child. The look on a parents face when their non verbal child begins speaking, or when they accomplish a difficult task is what makes me love what I do.

On weekends I am usually off camping and hiking, or skiing in the winter!

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