Kristyn (Krissy) Jorgenson

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: 506-655 Moberly Rd., Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z4B2, Canada

Phone: 7788718904

Areas Serviced: Greater Vancouver Region, BC, Canada.

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Krissy

My Name is Kristyn Jorgenson, but most people call me Krissy. I am currently working towards earning a Master’s in Infant and Early Childhood Development with a concentration in education, mental health, and disruptive behaviors. Working with children and youth with varying special needs has always been a passion of mine.

I am a certified Movement Therapist and a certified RDI Consultant. My objective: to create the possibility for parents to have meaningful connections with their children to improve the quality of life of the whole family, and for each family to explore new adventures they never thought possible.

I work with families primarily in the Greater Vancouver Region and at a distance across BC, Canada.

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