Rohini Singh

RDI® Certified Consultant, Masters in Korean Language and History

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Phone: +919911500307

Areas Serviced: The whole of India

Languages: English, Hindi, Korean


Works at a Distance

About Rohini

My son has shown me the world of neuro-diversity the way I never thought it existed. He has shown me the potentials, difficulties, challenges and hope. I brought him in this world and he took me to his which is difficult but a beautiful and rewarding journey.

I have done RDI has a parent and then studied to become a consultant as I believe that RDI empowers parents and that is very important. The parents after a certain period of time should not depend on a therapist or doctor to be able to understand their own child. The parents should be empowered to handle their life and family with their neuro diverse child independently.

I have also completed Brain Gym 101 from Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA

I believe in Accept- Understand- Celebrate for our children.

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