Sarah Jardine, PGDip Psy PGCert HSc – CBT

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 5008 1086

Areas Serviced: Qatar and New Zealand

Languages: English

Works at a Distance

About Sarah

I have over 17 years experience in psychology in New Zealand and Qatar where I have worked as a psychologist helping children, adolescents and their families where there was a diagnosis of developmental disorders such as ASD, ADHD and Specific Learning Disorders.

I have a passion for working alongside families helping them to develop the potential in their children. My practice is with a goal to provide developmental interventions and strategies for families to be able to live better quality lives. Through my practice I have seen and treated the intricate problems that develops within individuals in families and has helped numerous families deal with the complex family dynamics that develop as a consequence of a family member suffering from mental health problems.

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