Victoria Oliver

RDI® Consultant in Training

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: +64 (0) 212898877

Areas Serviced: Auckland

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Victoria

My name is Victoria Oliver and I am a trained teacher qualified in both NZ and the UK. I have over 17 years teaching experience.

At the beginning of my teaching career my focus was on teaching science but in the last 10 years the majority of my professional focus has been devoted to the field of special needs education.

I am also a Mum to a 7-year-old boy with ASD and have been delivering RDI to him since he was diagnosed at an early age.

Currently I am studying to be an RDI consultant (a consultant in training or CIT). As a trainee consultant I am fully supervised by a qualified veteran consultant. I am offering my services to families of children on the ASD spectrum so that I may help you to re-establish connections and help your child build skills that lead to successful, happy, independent lives.

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