This week, I had the pleasure to interview RDI® Program Consultant, Jeanne McDaniel Green

How did your family start RDI®, and what inspired you to apply for training as a consultant?


My daughter was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 years, and after eighteen months of working on an ABA program, her BCBA consultant was struggling to find more goals for my daughter. The consultant told us our daughter had pretty much achieved all that was needed. I, however, was still very much concerned for my daughter and could see the difficulty she was having with social situations, transitions, problem solving, resilience, and just being competent. Although she had achieved all the static skills she needed to, she was very much behind in essential elements. She and I lacked an emotional connection that I longed for.  We were not really able to have meaningful time together. Everything we seemed to do was related to working on static skills. Yes, she was 4 and reading on a 6th grade level, but she didn’t care if I entered a room.
I did some research and stumbled across RDI® online; I remembered that it had come up previously when I was researching therapies.This time, though, something spoke to me and I reached out to my consultant, Jennifer Perry, through RDI® Connect. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. My family finally has a way to have quality of life and my daughter has learned how to connect with her family and peers, and develop dynamic intelligence. I continue to work with Jennifer Perry on the Dynamic Intelligence curriculum and I see new growth in my daughter.
My experience as an RDI® mom inspired me to become certified as a consultant and have a way to educate my community about this amazing approach that really is unknown in my area. In addition to that, in the RDI® professional community I have had the privilege of being around some of the most genuine, skilled and empathetic professionals I have known in my life.


How long have you been a consultant? What is your background?


I was certified as an RDI® consultant in July of 2015. My background is chiropractic. I have been a chiropractor for 26 years. I was appointed by the Governor of South Carolina in 2011 to our state board, which I presently serve. Being in my profession, which I have a deep passion for as well, I have a respect for true healers. In Dr. Gutstein and Dr. Sheely, Jennifer Perry, and others in RDI®, I have found that quality. The RDI® approach, as I see it, is cause-oriented and not symptom-oriented; this is also a cornerstone of chiropractic care.



What is your favorite part of this work?


Although it is a lot of hard work for consultants as well as families, I love the simplicity that RDI® promotes. I love giving parents permission to let themselves trust their gut. I love to see parents get empowered and to actually see this happen before my eyes. I feel like I am seeing a miracle when I see this transformation.


What is unique about the way you work?


I can’t say that this is particular to my approach, but I feel having been in the parent’s shoes gives me a unique perspective. Also, I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Perry. She has modeled for me what good consulting looks like. I feel this has given me a huge advantage.


Has RDI® influenced your chiropractic practice at all, or affected the way you interact with your patients?


Yes! I regularly apply RDI® concepts in patient education in conversations regarding treatment. Also with staff training. It is unbelievable what you can do when you make someone feel competent! I feel so many of the concepts we use for families can be adapted across almost any approach in which one is to educate or communicate.


Is there a moment you especially treasure about working with an RDI® family?


I recently did an RDA (Relationship Development Assessment) and observed the dad building his house with his boy. He had such patience and gentleness with his son in this setting, with no distractions and permission to just focus on this one thing. Somehow, this was just the kind of thing the two connected on. As I watched it, I felt very strongly that RDI® was going to be the thing that gives this boy and his dad the path to connection. It was very moving.


What are you passionate about?


I am passionate about serving. I have always felt that my time here on earth was always meant to be to relieve suffering, providing relief. That goes directly to my role in RDI®.


Tell me about your perfect day.


I love to see my kids play with their friends. There is nothing that makes them happier than water! We visit friends on a hot summer day, hang out at the pool and play pool games with the kids, cool music playing in the background… The kids shouting, “Hey, Mom, watch this!” as they attempt the always elusive, perfect cannonball for the thousandth time.  After swimming, playing, and laughing all day, we fire up the grill and eat a big juicy steak!
Dr. GreenDr. Jeanne Green graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1989. She attended The University of South Carolina, Georgia State University and Spartanburg Methodist College.  After a successful 26 years as a chiropractic physician, in 2014 she decided to pursue the RDI® certification program so she could assist families through the incredibly challenging and devastating diagnosis of autism. She developed a passion for RDI® when presented with overwhelming and compelling evidence of the life-changing results that she experienced in working with RDI® consultant Jennifer Perry of Macon, GA, in an RDI® program for her daughter, who received a diagnosis of autism at two.
In 2011 Dr. Green was appointed to the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and serves on that board for the state department of Labor Licensing and Regulation.  She also contributes her time to the National Board of Examiners as an exam doctor.  She is active in her community and serves as a Co-chair in the PTA at Augusta Circle Elementary School in Greenville.
A native of North Carolina, Dr. Green now lives and practices in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband and seven year old twins, Allison and Richard.  She enjoys playing acoustic traditional music on the fiddle, and being in the outdoors with her family.

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