Are you an autism professional who is looking to expand your knowledge in the field? Join Dr. Rachelle Sheely for a free, LIVE webinar as she explores different topics that will impact the way you look at the profession and at your practice.

Creating Independence for our ASD Clients
Thursday, March 9th at 8:30am or 4:00pm CST

Does the idea of your ASD clients gaining more independence seem illusive? This is often the case in treatment models that focus on social skills and rote behavior. But we see it everyday in our practice. During this webinar Dr. Sheely shares how with Relationship Development Intervention, we focus on the root causes where growth-seeking and motivation break down, which allows our ASD friends to truly gain independence and a higher quality of life.

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Upcoming Webinars Include:

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  • Thursday, May 11: Competence is the Best Motivator!

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