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The newest and most up to date research on autism and what that means for treatment in today’s world


Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) and current research

Case Studies

Inspiring case studies that demonstrate the power of the parent-child guiding relationship


Grief and its role in parenting a child with autism, working with your child’s school


Friendship and how to support your child’s development in the social world of peers

Setting Goals

Goal setting for your child’s development and identifying best next steps


Our experts bring years of personal and professional experience to you and will share their knowledge and passion in a way that will truly have you thinking about autism and treatment differently.

Steven Gutstein, PhD.

Founder: RDIconnect

Talk Topic

ASD A New Perspective Pt 1: How it Begins

In part one, Dr. Steven Gutstein gives an overview of how ASD emerges based on the very latest research and his vast experience with families. He will look at infant development to discover when, where and how the nueral pathways begin to differ from typical devleopment and how that affects the ability of parents to stay active in the growth of their child.

ASD A New Perspective Pt 2: Universal Impairments

Dr. Gutstein shares the long term affects and characteristics of people diagnosed with ASD as they go through life. Three critical areas he will discuss include the person’s inability to 1) develop a reflective self, 2) manage personal experience and 3) adjust to complex, dynamic, emotional environments.

Renee Dela Cruz, BA

Connect and Relate for Autism

Talk Topic

Universal impairments of children, teens and adults with ASD

Understanding the universal impairments unique to ASD and using the DSM-V classification to create a roadmap to intervention

Libby Majewsk, B. A.

KidsAhead Consulting

Talk Topic

Supporting Friendship Development in Your Child with Autism; Tips, Strategies, and Program Ideas

Relationship are challenging for individuals with ASD. In this presentation, Libby Majewski talks about why friendship is so difficult for some of our kids. She will share some tips, strategies and program ideas for ways to support friendship development in your child with autism.

Lisa Palasti

Mindful Guide Consulting

Talk Topic

What Really Matters: Learn how to develop a long term perspective and set priorities for your child

Lisa’s will share from her own experience as a parent and an autism expert why taking a long-term perspective is best for your family’s quality of life. She will share her tips and strategies for focusing on what is most important in order to have a clear vision and to set growth goals for your child.

Kat Lee, B.A.

Autism Texas

Talk Topic

Family Story: Why RDI

Kat Lee is a seasoned autism practitioner and favorite webinar host and blogger who helps families using Relationship Development Intervention. In this presentation, she uses her personal family’s story of their journey since their son was diagnosed with ASD over 20 years ago.

She shares how they processed the diagnosis and how they navigated through various therapies trying to find the right fit. Kat’s very personal journey includes incredible changes when her son became more responsive to communication and began to think for himself.

Sarah Wayland, PhD.

Guiding Exceptional Parents

Talk Topic

The Many Faces of Grief, or Understanding Yourself While Loving Your Child

Grief and Dealing with Crisis (as related to autism diagnosis and day to day living)

Stephannie Motuz MSc.

Rehabilitation Centre for Children

Talk Topic

Guiding children to discover other’s perspective: Impact on Language Development.

Kim Isaac-Emery. M.SC.

Autism With Excellence LLC.

Talk Topic

Teens and Adults: Understanding and working with teens and adults with ASD

Jessica Hobson, PhD.

Sonoma State University

Talk Topic

Developing the Guiding Participation Relationship: An Approach to Research

Sharon Bradbrook-Armit

Thinking in Shades of Grey Ltd

Talk Topic

The Why Bother (EM encoding & retrieval)

Motivational problems are at the core of the universal impairments of children with ASD. In this presentation, Sharon Bradbrook-Armit defines episodic memory and how critical it is for resiliency, trouble shooting and problem solving. She shares video footage, examples and ideas for how to use episodic memory to create motivation in persons with ASD.

Betty Adkins, M.Ed.

Autism Specialist: Prince George County Public Schools

Talk Topic

Working with your child’s school

In this presentation three autism experts who work in the public school system share the most critical things to think about for developing positive relationships with your child’s school. They will discuss attitudes, managing expectations, best practices, IEP meetings and when and how to bring in support

Wendy Groiss, M.Ed, M.A.

Family Autism, Clinical Counselling and Education Services

Talk Topic

The Importance Of Self Agency And Learning That You Can Think

Kristine Mastronardi, M.Ed.


Talk Topic

Building Experience Based Knowledge in Persons with ASD: A Case Study

14 Online Presentations

Presentation Topics

This exciting video series brings together multiple recognized experts on the cutting edge of autism treatment as they address the topics that matter most to you and your family.

ASD: A new perspective: Parts One & Two

Developing the Guiding Participation Relationship: An Approach to Research

The Many Faces of Grief: Understanding Yourself and Loving Your Child

Developing a Postive Relatinoship with Your Child’s School

What is RDI? One Family’s Story

Building Experience Based Knowledge in Persons with ASD; A Case Study

Supporting Friendship Development in Your Child with Autism

Developing Perspective and Priorities for Your Child

Understanding and Working with Teens and Adults with ASD

Universal Impairments of Autism

Increasing Motivation in Kids with ASD: Episodic Memory

Guiding Children to Take Other Perspectives

How it Works

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“We have been doing RDI® with our son for about three years now and it has completely transformed him from a non-interactive, non-verbal toddler to an extremely interactive preschooler who shares his day with me in complete thoughts and sentences, makes friends, and excels in a typical preschool with no outside assistance.”

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