RDI’s Professional Training Center in Southeast Asia is pleased to announce two new upcoming professional training classes starting in late summer / early fall.

Professional Training Part 1: Singapore Summer 2016
Online:June 10-July 15th (six  Saturday morning sessions)
In-person Session:July 25-28, 2016

Professional Training Part 1 Shanghai China (in Mandarin)
It will be 6 days of face to face class with no online sessions
September 4th-9th, 2016. 

Classes are now forming and space is extremely limited for our next professional training courses. Classes will prepare professionals to work with special needs children and their parents in any age groups, focusing on the remediation of Autism’s core deficits. A combination of lectures, small group discussions, actual parent training sessions, video reviews and case studies will equip trainees to empower parents through meaningful engagements.

Come and join us, change lives and make a difference!
Maisie Soetantyo, Director.CATCH Clinic
Director of Professional Training
1 (650) 483-7174

More Info Here

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