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What is an Autism Meltdown?

It helps parents once they understand what a meltdown is, as then you are able to gain the ability to foresee the signs of a meltdown, as well as identify the causes, and reduce the frequency.

Holidays & Autism

You can expect your holidays to have positive outcomes and produce beautiful memories when you are mentally prepared, and especially when you do not put too much pressure on yourself.

Speech Therapy Goals for Autism

In the RDI program, our focus is not on language when we talk about speech therapy, it is about RDI lifestyle and daily life opportunities, simple life activities that promote mutual communication.

Non-Verbal Communication Tips

By practicing consistent directive methods, you can master communication challenges, even if your child with ASD is non-verbal.

The Power of Episodic Memory in Autism

Welcome to our series on The Power of Episodic Memory in Autism. This is part one of a three part series written by Certified RDI® consultants Sharon Bradbrook-Armit and Kathy Darrow. You can read the part one original on Kathy Darrow's blog here. What is...

Your Child’s Potential

This blog post was originally published here.  90% of parents (if not more) share this common concern. “I know my child has good potential. But I don’t know how to tap into it.” This need not be at the time of diagnosis. It can be any point of development and any age....

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