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Creating an IEP that Promotes Growth!

This is a re-post of an older article that we originally published on the RDI® website in 2013. As we begin to prepare to send our kids back to school in August we wanted to re-share it for those who may need it! During Independent Education Plan (IEP) season, parents...

Autism Friendly Fourth of July

July 4th is a wonderful holiday to celebrate but for children with autism it can be noisy, confusing and even scary! Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday.

Help Your Child with Autism Sleep Better!

If you have a child with neurodevelopmental differences such as autism bedtime can be a struggle. A good night’s sleep is important. Here are some ways to help.

The Challenge of Failure

Even though it is hard, you have to let your children experience failure, especially when they have autism.

Why I Don’t Feel Alone Anymore

A RDI consultant speaks on finding the tools to connect and communicate , and to help with self regulation. A helpful video gives a window into RDI being put into practice.

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