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Your Child’s Potential

This blog post was originally published here.  90% of parents (if not more) share this common concern. “I know my child has good potential. But I don’t know how to tap into it.” This need not be at the time of diagnosis. It can be any point of development and any age....

Tips for Improving Challenging Behavior

This blog post was written by Certified RDI® Consultant Dr. Sarah Wayland. You can read the original here. It’s easy to focus on your child’s problem behaviors. It’s like parents are wired to think about what we need to fix, rather than about what is going well. This...

Self-Regulation & RDI®

When our body and brain are under a great deal of stress, we lose the ability to learn from our environment in that moment and so do our children.

Behavior: Start with the Mind First!

At RDIconnect, our programs focus on rebuilding the brain’s neural pathways that have disrupted the naturally occurring parent-child Guiding Relationship, which opens the door to learning!RDI is not a behavior therapy and it is not a checklist of skills...

Happy Holidays!

From everyone here at RDIconnect we want to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season.  

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