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All About RDI®

RDI® has often been called the missing piece of the puzzle in treating ASD because we don’t try to whitewash symptoms, but go to the heart of the problem and offer solutions that will improve your family’s quality of life.

Recover, Restore, Understand

With Relationship Development Intervention, our consultants help parents move from the difficulty of diagnosis and gain the tools to become an effective guide to your child.

Declarative Communication Helps Our Children Listen!

This blog post was originally posted on the website of RDI® Certified Consultant Melissa Reiner. You can read the original here. As a parent, I hear myself often pleading with my child to be a first time listener! I get so frustrated when my children don’t listen. I...

How Does Dynamic Intelligence Impact Daily Life?

We live in a complex and dynamic world where everyday we must solve problems, make decisions and face challenges. Dynamic Intelligence is the term we use to describe the mental functioning that enable humans to successfully navigate this world and our relationships.

Why RDI Emphasizes the Guiding Relationship

The parent-infant guiding relationship is akin to the interplay between different components of a guided rocket. The success of parent efforts at promoting the growth of their infants mental and self development is dependent on the child’s providing the...

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