We received the following idea from a mom who puts you In the driver’s seat.  Think freely, be inspired. Indulge your creative impulses and submit it in a video below.

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Every video submitted will receive personal feedback from Dr. Sheely and you will also receive a chapter “Picking Cherries” written by Dr. Sheely and a young man who has now graduated college.

The Following was written by an RDI Parent:

These activities can be adapted for almost any age from pre-school to adult. 

Anything that encourages use of both sides of the body and hand to eye coordination is a good thing – biking, swimming and picking fruit.  The citrus was bountiful this year, so we have been climbing on ladders (two step, six feet, extension) using a cultivator to pull down high fruits, throwing the fruit (accurately) into a box, carrying the boxes to where someone takes it to a food bank.  Lots of pointing (“There, to your left…). Lots of consultation… Which ladder should we use?  Where should it be put?   

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