An initial RDI assessment is one of the first things that a consultant will do with a new family, which provides a complete picture of each person’s strengths and weaknesses, possible co-occurring conditions and developmental obstacles. This assessment consists of select, age appropriate activities that are administered to the parents and their child, followed by a session between the consultant and the client, In addition, information on potential activity themes, communication and environmental modifications, as well as needed scaffolding levels would emerge from the assessment process.

Based on the initial assessment a comprehensive short term plan for each family is set in motion. Common initial parent objectives may include assigning a 15-minute daily increment for quality time, slowing down communication pace, increasing use of non-verbal communication channels, or reducing screen time for everyone in the family.

Take a look at this RDI Assessment video clip donated by Maureen Chung Mo Lan, an RDI Consultant based in Hong Kong. This video clip has been annotated to highlight the overall assessment goals.


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