Ongoing Training and Support

After the assessment process is complete, parents and their consultant begin their collaborative work to remediate the areas of deficits.

The frequency and format of ongoing supervision for each family is individualized and depends on their progress and current objectives. It is common that parents and consultant would meet without the child either face-to-face, Skype or phone consultations. Home visits and community outings are also important for an RDI consultant to guide parents in their most natural setting. To help parents understand their objectives, a consultant might utilize modeling, role playing, planning ahead, watching video clips of daily interactions as well direct work during follow up sessions.

Increasingly, geography is not an issue for consultants and families who can utilize the RDIconnect Learning Cmmunity, which is a private platform used to organize ongoing communication, video submissions, current and future objectives and yearly assessment findings. In addition, parents have access to a video library containing samples of RDI work donated by other families, webinars on a variety of topics and ongoing discussion groups with other parents.

Take a look at these two clips of RDI parent training sessions.

Gina Underwood from Texas, modeling the use of self-talk to parents

Maisie Soetantyo from San Francisco, modeling use of multi-channel communication and breakdown repair


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