RDI certified consultan Vicki Parnell will be hosting an online book study on Developing Through Relationships by Alan Fogel. The study will run online beginning May 30th at 11:30 am (CST). It will meet once a month for 4 months.
Developing Through Relationships is a “hotlist” book  on RDI and development that is very accessible and helps explains how individuals develop through their relationships with others. Alan Fogel demonstrates that human development is driven by a social dynamic process called co-regulation—the creative interaction of individuals to achieve a common goal.  

Participants can receive CEU credits for attending all the webinars. If they do not attend each webinar, they must respond to the reflection questions embedded in the recordings and submit to Dr Sheely for recertification.

Since we ask that participants come to the first webinar with the first 3 chapters read, get your book right away!

May 30:


Chapter 1: Introduction and perspective

Chapter 2: The Origins of Communication, Self and Culture

Chapter 3: The Communication System: Co-regulation and Framing

June 27:

Chapter 4: The Communication System: History and Metaphor

Chapter 5: A Model of Communication: Meaning and Information

July 25:

Chapter 6: The Formation of Relationships: Creating New Meaning

Chapter 7: The Formation of Relationships: Differences Between Dyads

August 29:

Chapter 8: The Self in Relation: Embodied Cognition

Chapter 9: The Self in Relation: Self and Other

September 26:

Chapter 10: Culture as Communication: Stability and Change

Chapter 11: Conclusions and Implications

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