I am excited to announce that becoming an RDI® Consultant in the united States just became easier!

Introducing the new, Level A, pilot training program for autism professionals looking to advance their learning and knowledge.

Beginning October 4 (we will not meet on November 8) thru November 15, 2018, 2:30-5:00 pm CST, I will offer a three-part pilot program in place of Professional Training 1. This will allow for a substantial, reduced initial financial commitment of $1994 compared to the current, upfront cost of $7040. I believe this pilot project will meet and excel our high standards for excellence as we combine theory and practical application.

For more information on the program, or to schedule an appointment with me, you can email here.

Rachelle K. Sheely PhD
President & Founder of RDIConnect

LEVEL A Professional Training, Sample Content

  1. AUTISM:  Research and practical insights for Typical Development, Future ASD Infants, Disruption of the Parent-Child Relationship, Adopting a New Perspective, Analyzing what is and what isn’t Autism, breakdown of the guiding relationship
  2. GUIDING RELATIONSHIP: Defining and understand it, mirroring typical development, the unique and crucial role of parents, how to guide,  analysis of the break down, the crucial role of consultants
  3. EDGE AND REGULATORY PATTERNS: for parents and child:  Edge-1, Edge, Edge #1, Regulatory patterns, just noticeable differences, challenges, building motivation,

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Understanding and finding LS content, breaking down objectives, writing assignments, resources, glossary

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