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Think about it; no matter where your child is on the spectrum, or how many skills they have developed with other therapies, the biggest hole in your family right now is likely your lack of relationship with your child. Something just isn’t right and you know it. So where do you start?

Think about your dreams of a typical day in your child’s future. Do you hope someday, he or she will:


Not only talk fluently, but engage in genuinely curious conversations?


Enjoy the excitement and comfort of a boyfriend or girlfriend and maybe even get married and have children?


Feel capable and confident living an independent lifestyle?


Delight in a true friendship?


Feel a sense of pride in being able to contribute to his or her community?


Experience the satisfaction and rewards of successful employment?

There is HOPE in the RDI® Program

More about RDIconnect®

RDI® has often been called the missing piece of the puzzle in treating ASD because we don’t try to whitewash symptoms, but go to the heart of the problem and offer solutions that will improve your family’s quality of life.

Prior to the RDI® Program, most intervention approaches taught children on the autism spectrum to perform scripted behaviors with limited value in many real-life interactions.

While they clearly have benefit, even the most widely used and most intensive intervention methods have not demonstrated their effectiveness in producing a high quality of life for people on the autism spectrum.

We believe that to produce successful adults, a clinical intervention program must develop effective ways to address the debilitating core deficits of autism. These core deficits: rigid thinking, aversion to change, inability to understand other’s perspectives, failure to empathize, and absolute, “black-and-white thinking,” continue to plague people on the autism spectrum throughout their lives.

‘This program speaks to a missing piece that we could all acknowledge but didn’t have a name for.’ This missing piece, I call Dynamic Intelligence; and the program, Relationship Development Intervention® Treatment Program for Autism Spectrum Disorders-the RDI® Program.

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Autism Resources

For parents & professionals

The truth about eye contact

 Often one of the most concerning things for parents of children with autism is a lack of eye contact with their child. For some, it can be devastating. But should it be our primary focus? Get the facts here. 

Real life implications of the core deficits of autism

Research findings have converged on several areas of functioning that appear to be universally impaired in children, teens and adults with ASD. Each of these areas are extremely important for successful real-world functioning.

What causes autism?

The exact cause of ASD is still unknown, but research shows that it appears to emerge from different combinations of genetic, prenatal, neural and early functional abnormalities. Learn more here.

Why parenting is more important than therapy

Do you feel like your child’s growth and future quality of life is in the hands of multiple therapy providers? Do you feel powerless to help? Find out why you play a bigger role than most ‘experts’ want you to think!

Looking beyond behavior

Most interventions still encourage parents not to think or focus on the child’s mind but only on behavior. But what does behavior really mean and what should we focus on? Find out here.

7 ways to create more meaningful communication

Most interventions teach children to rely on scripted answers but communication will always struggle unless we treat dynamic communication as a priority in treatment. Find out what that means and how to get started here.

RDI Goal I

Below is an outline of what you can expect when you first start the RDI® program. We believe that in order to move forward working with your child, you have to take care of yourself first. 


A recent autism diagnosis can send conscientious parents looking for anything that will help their family regain some sense of normalcy. This quest for answers and the normal desire to fix things can escalate to a frenzied pace and a flurry of activity that increases everyone’s anxiety. Too often, this leads to a ‘crisis’ mindset that can be the first obstacle many parents have to conquer.


Restore your confidence in being the primary guide for your child Restore your natural long-term perspective, restore you feelings of parental empowerment, restore you hopes for your child’s development, restore you ability to take an emotional step back.


In order to move forward, it is important to educate. Understand ASD from the beginning as well as typical development and the core deficits of autism. We will then take the time to fully educate you on the RDI Model, explaining how it fits with the ASD research and what it will mean to your family and unique situation.

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