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The typically prescribed behavioral therapy models are not based on child development and are not designed to help a child or teen achieve independence.

The problem with the typically prescribed behavior therapy models is that they are underestimating your child. With a heavy focus on scripting and rote memorization, they are setting the bar low and telling parents (maybe without even knowing it) to accept very little for their children.

Think about this, the more external motivation is emphasized, the more obstructions and obstacles to the development of intrinsic motivation happen. And without intrinsic motivation being developed your child may become successful in the clinical autism world (graduating from their ABA program) but never successful in the real world.

So, what is the alternative to the status quo?

An intervention model that is based on child development.

RDI® is not a behavior therapy nor a checklist of skills that must be learned. RDI® is an intervention of gradually rebuilding the foundations of the Guiding Relationship that have been affected by autism.

This does not happen by “getting” a child to do something, but by teaching parents how to create customized experiences over a period of years that focus on activating growth seeking, building intrinsic motivation, and giving the child the mental and emotional abilities that we all count on to survive this dynamic world.

What You Will Learn?

History of RDI® and what is autism

What is an RDI® Consultant?

What is dynamic vs static thinking (and why is this important?)

Spending time with your child: RDI® as a parent activities based model

Why RDI® focuses on communication

What is the guiding relationship?

What is the RDI assessment?

The importance of self-evaluation

Meet the Course Instructors

Katherine Lee

Katherine Lee

Media Producer & Specialist, Community Manager, Professional Training Supervisor

Kat Lee is the voice behind all RDIconnect® media productions. She creates all podcasts and webinars related to autism and relationship development for children and their families. 

An RDI® program Certified Consultant for 19 years, Kat works in the DFW metroplex and also serves as the RDI® area coordinator, a board member on the RDI® Professional Advisory Board and manages the online community content.
Claudia Perez Andreessen

Claudia Perez Andreessen

Director of the RDI® Professional Training Program in Latin America

Claudia is the Director of the RDI® Professional Certification in Mexico and Latin America and is the trainer of instructors in the certification process. She is currently the only supervisor of Spanish-speaking training consultants.

Claudia has been a consultant for over 20 years, has been a speaker at national and international autism conferences and led parent training events worldwide. Claudia has also been credited with translating the RDI® book into Spanish.
a father and young son give each other a high five in front of a white brick background.

Course Details

The next course is on February 27th, 2024.


10AM - 3PM (US-CST)

There will be a 30 minute lunch break at 12:30 (US-CST)


Cost: $100 (USD)


Location: Online on the Zoom Platform

This course is for parents of younger autistic children. Each course is limited in size to create an intimate learning experience. The course is live and will not be recorded. The Intro to RDI® Course is held monthly.

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