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We embrace you and your family, your unique strengths, desires and differences. We believe in your relationships, and we know that your culture will be the foundation that will support how you achieve your potential.

Some of you will call yourselves “autistics”, some “persons with autism”, and some are parents who will feel confused, navigating an unclear pathway that includes autism. No matter what you call yourself or how you see yourself and your family, we embrace you. We embrace your unique perspective and your unique future.

We are here to serve you. We are glad you are here.

Dr. Rachelle K. Sheely and Dr. Steven E. Gutstein


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RDI® consultants complete a rigorous training program and are currently available in 31 countries worldwide. Most consultants will also work online with families anywhere in the world.

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Infants & Autism

Tracing the beginnings of infants that go on to be diagnosed on the spectrum based on the latest research. Go here to learn more.

Gaining Clues from Neurotypical Development

Research of infants that are not diagnosed as neurotypical and how that can impact what we know about the autistic brain. Go here to learn more.

Autism and Child Development

Does autism have an effect on development? Go here to learn more.

The Parent/Child Relationship

How does autism affect the relationship between the parent and child, and does that have any effect on development as well? Go here to learn more.

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