What is Autism?

Did you know that most autism treatment models are based on outdated research and don’t offer an increase in your family’s quality of life? Are you searching for better answers for your family ?

Welcome to RDIconnect®

You have found us. We are glad you are here.

We embrace you and your family, your unique strengths, desires and differences. We believe in your relationships, and we know that your culture will be the foundation that will support how you achieve your potential.

Some of you will call yourselves “autistics”, some “persons with autism”, and some are parents who will feel confused, navigating an unclear pathway that includes autism. No matter what you call yourself or how you see yourself and your family, we embrace you. We embrace your unique perspective and your unique future.

We are here to serve you. We are glad you are here.

Dr. Rachelle K. Sheely and Dr. Steven E. Gutstein

 Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®)

Has someone in your family recently received an autism diagnosis? Or have you found other therapies can’t get you any closer towards your desires for your child? RDI® offers real hope and help for families supporting individuals with autism and other developmental difficulties. RDI® has often been called the missing element in treating autism because we don’t try to whitewash symptoms, but go to the heart of the differences and offer solutions that will improve your family’s quality of life.

Restoring Real Relationship & Connection

Of all the things that make the RDI® model different, our focus on relationship is primary. Think about it; no matter where your child is on the autism spectrum, or how many skills they have developed with other therapies, the biggest hole in your family right now is likely your lack of relationship with your child. Something just isn’t right and you know it. Our number one goal is to give you the tools and training to create the relationship with your child that you have never been able to have. We do not believe that autism is a disease, nor something to be “cured”. Instead, we know that your child is just who she is meant to be and we can help you to help her to reach her full potential.

We have been doing RDI® with our son for about three years now and it has completely transformed him from a non-interactive, non-verbal toddler to an extremely interactive preschooler who shares his day with me in complete thoughts and sentences, makes friends, and excels in a typical preschool with no outside assistance. ” – K. Wood RDI® has changed my son’s world – he goes to a regular school, has friends and plays football in a class full of children from other schools and different ages, now we have to tell him to shut up, he amazes us every day… It is a long journey and I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and ours is getting brighter every day. – Dad to a delightful six-year old 

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