RDI® Certified Program Consultants

Below is a list of professionals who have attained the status of Certified Consultant in the Family Consultation Program. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties and act as facilitator and primary guide to parents as they navigate the program and identify and overcome obstacles. RDI® consultants complete a rigorous training program and currently available in 20 countries worldwide.

star.svg  One star is awarded each year a consultant successfully re-certifies with a minimum caseload of 5 families.

 Model_D_logo_400x400  This symbol means a consultant actively works with families at a distance. (If you would like a complete list of distance working consultants please click here)

prize-20medal-jpg-600x450-jpg  A medal is awarded to consultants who have attained supervisory status for at least one year and continue to maintain it.

Steven Gustein, PhD Founder of RDI®
Rachelle Sheely, PhD. Founder of RDI®
RDIconnect 4130 Bellaire Blvd, Houston TX 77025
713.838.1362 ext 102
Email Dr. Gutstein and Dr. Sheely

NOTICE: RDIconnect® neither warrants nor guarantees the level of success to be achieved by the application of RDA® or the RDI® Program by any consultant or that the consulting services to families provided by any consultant will be successful at all. RDIconnect® hereby disclaims any and all express and implied warranties, including the Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose, with respect to RDA® and the RDI®. RDA® and the RDI® Program are educational techniques that are subject to ongoing study, refinement and modification by RDIconnect® and whose ultimate efficacy is affected by the training, experience and skill of the professionals applying those techniques.

Grievance Process: RDIconnect® serves as the educational entity that trains and certifies professionals to work with families using our unique programs. Once a consultant is certified, they are private practitioners who recruit and work with clients outside of the scope of our organization. RDIconnect® does not have a direct relationship with these clients* nor do we get involved in the relationship between consultant and client, which is private and confidential. Because of the confidential nature of these relationships, RDIconnect® cannot monitor issues or disputes about billing, scheduling, communication, or any other conflict outside the scope of the consultant’s ethical practices. If you feel that one of our professionals has violated this Standards & Ethics policy, you will need to file a formal written complaint here.

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