RDI® Certified Program Consultants

Below is a list of professionals who have attained the status of Certified Consultant in the Family Consultation Program and consultants who are currently in training. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties and act as facilitator and primary guide to parents as they navigate the program and identify and overcome obstacles. RDI® consultants complete a rigorous training program and currently available in 26 countries worldwide.


Meghna Visaria

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Ed in Special Education, Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Email: rdiforafrica@gmail.com
Phone: +254790938736
Areas Serviced: In-person program offered in Nairobi County, online program offered around the world.

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Alissa Gargano

RDI Certified Consultant, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

Email: alissa.developingmindsspeech@gmail.com
Phone: +61451197411
Areas Serviced: Sydney

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Amanda MacBride

RDI Certified Consultant, MA

Email: amandae5580@yahoo.com
Phone: 0425 655 844
Areas Serviced: Western Australia, Perth and surrounding suburbs, Regional WA

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Anh P D Tran

RDI Certified Consultant, BCom; BB Lit&Jour

Email: rdimelbourne14@gmail.com
Phone: 61432190651
Areas Serviced: Melbourne, Victoria

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Donna Milne

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: rdimildura@bigpond.com
Phone: 438056471
Areas Serviced: Mildura and surrounding area. Do offer distance consultation.

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Fleta Pohlner

RDI Certified Consultant, SLP, BS.

Email: fletapohlner@bigpond.com
Phone: 1161353974214
Areas Serviced: Victoria Australia and South Australia

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Jo Fokkes

RDI Certified Consultant, Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Email: jofokkes@email.com
Phone: 0419 775 558
Areas Serviced: Throughout Australia & overseas by arrangement

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Kathleen Bonar

RDI Certified Consultant, Registered Nurse – BNSG

Email: kathleenstanes@bigpond.com
Phone: 0413 617 60
Areas Serviced: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Sunshine Coast

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Lynne Bullen

RDI Certified Consultant, B Appl. Sc. (Occupational Therapy)

Email: lynnebullen@icot.com.au
Phone: +61 431 912 369
Areas Serviced: The Hills, Holroyd, Parramatta and Blacktown areas of Sydney.

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Nerida Maclean 

RDI Certified Consultant, SLP, CPSP

Email: n.maclean1@optusnet.com.au
Phone: 61 407175209
Areas Serviced: Office or home visiting service available to families in Brisbane within a half hour travel time. Distance consulting available for families further afield (other states in Australia or other countries).

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Prue Watson

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: pruesmobile@me.com
Phone: +61 404461739
Areas Serviced: Australia, Queensland, Central Queensland

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Renee Dela Cruz

RDI Certified Consultant, Registered Psychologist

Email: rdimelbourne@bigpond.com
Phone: 1300 737 124
Areas Serviced: Cities/areas: Metro Melbourne, South East Melbourne and Regional Victoria (Gippsland and Bass Coast regions, Bendigo to Macedon regions). State: Victoria Country: Australia; International outreach services: Vietnam and Philippines

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Roslyn Thorpe

RDI Certified Consultant, BAppSc Occupational Therapy

Email: roslynthorpeOT@outlook.com
Phone: 0437 198 899
Areas Serviced: Northwest suburbs of Sydney: Roseville, Linfield, Pymple, Chatswood, Gordon, Turramurra, Forestville, Belrose, Ryde, Hunters Hill, Gladesville, Northbridge, Castle cove, Mosman, Cremorne, Artarmon, Eastwood, Epping, Mcquarie Park

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Sharlene Bevington

RDI Certified Consultant, Social Worker

Email: admin@iplaytherapy.com.au
Areas Serviced: South Australia

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Tania Masciantonio

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: tania.masciantonio@me.com
Phone: 403881863
Areas Serviced: South Australia and Northern Territory

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Nargis Carnahan

RDI Certified Consultant 

Email: nargiscarnahan@gmail.com
Phone: +61 431 709 376
Areas Serviced: Canberra ACT

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Tammie Lenert

RDI Certified Consultant, OTR

Email: lenertt@mgmaz.org
Phone: +994503192728
Areas Serviced: Azerbaijan and Surrounding region

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Adrianne Kmet

RDI Certified Consultant, BScN, RN

Email: adrianne@discoverautism.ca
Phone: 6043652412
Areas Serviced: BC: Vancouver Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Valley, Interior, North, Remote areas, First Nations; Canada & beyond: please inquire

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Blair Armstrong 

RDI Certified Consultant, BSc, PhD Student (ABD), Residential Care Management (RCM) Certified

Email: blair@curiousmindsbc.com
Phone: 778 378 6463
Areas Serviced: Primary: Vancouver Lower Mainland, Bowen Island; Distance Canada: BC- Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Shuswap, Okanagan, Kootenays, Northern BC; Alberta- Edmonton/Calgary; Ontario- Sault Ste Marie and Algoma region, Kenora-Sioux Lookout

Distance USA: Washington State- Bellingham-Seattle, Oregon- Portland, Corvalis, Hawaii- Honolulu, Maui

Distance Internationally: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, South Africa, China, Vietnam, India, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia,

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Camelia Varga 

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A.

Email: montrealrdi@gmail.com
Phone: 514 502-6388
Areas Serviced: Montreal. Quebec city, Cornwall, Ottawa, Vermont

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Claudia Ruiz Morante

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: claudiaruizmorante@hotmail.com
Phone: 4389924549
Areas Serviced: Quebec-Canada, Lima-Peru, Valencia-Spain.

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Francesca Dansereau

RDI Certified Consultant

Email:  francesca.dansereau@mail.mcgill.ca
Phone: 514-244-0050
Areas Serviced: I service the province of Quebec. I also offer online services for those who live outside of the province.

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Gabby C. Howes

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: alixconsulting@gmx.com
: 2507171807
Areas Serviced: Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada; available for working with clients long distance

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Heide Emrich

RDI Certified Consultant 

Email: emrichheide@gmail.com

Phone: 5192425586
Areas Serviced: Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding area, Ontario Canada

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John DeMarco 

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Phil

Email: demarco@brookfieldprograms.com
Phone: 250-884-5623
Areas Serviced: Greater Victoria Area, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, British Columbia Lower Mainland

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Leah Burrell

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: Familyautismconsulting@gmail.com
Phone: 604-312-5442
Areas Serviced: Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley/British Columbia

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Lisa Donaghy

RDI Certified Consultant, BSc

Email: guidingconnections@gmail.com
Phone: 604.313.2836
Areas Serviced: Greater Vancouver Area

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Lisa Palasti, Director of RDI Professional Training in Canada

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: lisapalasti@gmail.com
Phone: 5195755323
Areas Serviced: Canada, USA, Europe

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Monica van Schaik

RDI Certified Consultant, MSW Candidate, BA

Email: monica.van.schaik@gmail.com
Phone: 514-746-3959
Areas Serviced: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Stratford, Ontario

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Nancy Gilette

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: nancyg.consulting@gmail.com
Areas Serviced: I provide services to Comox Valley, Campbell River and North Island. I am available to provide services by distance to any family wanting services.

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Qiu Xia Zhang

RDI Certified Consultant, MA

Email: qiuxiazhang2@gmail.com
Phone: 780-421-9452
Areas Serviced: Edmonton, Alberta and all provinces at a distance welcomed

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Robin Walker 

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: robin@the-speech-path.com
Phone: 705-253-1157
Areas Serviced:Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District

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 Rosanne Papadopoulos

RDI Certified Consultant, OT Reg. (MB)

Email: rosanne@discoveriesintherapy.com
Phone: 204-254-3146
Areas Serviced: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Stephannie Motuz

RDI Certified Consultant, SLP

Email: curiousrdislp@gmail.com

Areas Serviced: Manitoba

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Tahnee Lam

RDI Certified Consultant, MA

Email: tahnee@newstepconsultation.com
Phone: 6047876221
Areas Serviced: Great Vancouver Area (British Columbia)

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Tanya Kemp 

RDI Certified Consultant, MA Psy, BSocSc

Email: tanya@tanyakemp.com
Phone: +1 778-859-5195
Areas Serviced: BC, Canada, South Africa

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Verena von Bremen

RDI Certified Consultant, Registered Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: vvonbremen@telus.net
Phone: 250-540-0869
Areas Serviced: Vernon and the interior of British Columbia

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Vicki Parnell

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: vicki@vlparnell.com
Phone: (604) 837-5430
Areas Serviced: Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland

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Wendy Groiss 

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A., M.ED, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Teacher

Email: familyautismclinic@gmail.com
Phone: 250-470-3588
Areas Serviced: British Columbia, Alberta, United Kingdom, China

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Consultants in Training

Jodi Peterson

RDI Consultant in Training

Email: petersonjodi51@gmail.com
Phone: 4317754832
Areas Serviced: In-person service to rural Manitoba, Winnipeg and NW Ontario. Distance Anywhere.

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Kally-Anna Clinton

M.Sc. CCC-SLP (R), RDI Consultant in Training 

Email: kclinton@rccinc.ca
Areas Serviced: Manitoba, Canada

Learn more about Kally-Anna

Katrina Mallon 

RDI Consultant in Training

Email: Katrinamallon27@gmail.com
Phone: 7788718904
Areas Serviced: Vancouver Island and the Lower Main Land

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RDI Certified Consultant

Email: 915297872@qq.com
Phone: 15958154620
Areas Serviced: China

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RDI Certified Consultant

Email: david@counsellingplay-sh.com
Phone: 13917821627
Areas Serviced: 中国上海市曹杨路505号尚诚国际商务大厦502室,为上海肯圃格教育科技有限公司固定办公场所。为自闭症、亚斯博格等有社交障碍的孩子的家庭提供RDI咨询服务。地处上海普陀区内环,交通便利,地铁3号线、4号线、11号线的2号出口即可到达。欢迎深受社交障碍困扰的家庭前来咨询,RDI顾问会帮助你们,改善你们的家庭生活质量

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Andrea Ng Siu Har 吳少霞女士

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Sc.(IT in Ed.), Play Therapist, PMP.

Email: andrea.ng.rdi.hk@gmail.com
Phone: (+86) 400-800-7718
Areas Serviced: China, Hong Kong & anywhere worldwide with Internet connection

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Chun Jing Su 苏淳靖,康复治疗师,理学士,注册RDI顾问

RDI Certified Consultant, BS.

Email: 364999856@qq.com
Phone: (0086)13774289790
Areas Serviced: China

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Dan Liu

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: jzliudan@163.com
Areas Serviced: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangshu, China

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Na Li(Elena),李娜

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: elenali1130@163.com
Areas Serviced: China; 面向全中国提供RDI家庭咨询服务

Learn More about 李娜

Kenneth Chan

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: cpkennethchan@gmail.com
Areas Serviced: China

Learn More about Kenneth Chan


RDI Certified Consultant

Email: mkliu1230@gmail.com
Phone: 852-28805655
Areas Serviced: Hong Kong

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RDI Certified Consultant

Email: 80372303@qq.com
Phone: 0086 18720399966
Areas Serviced: CHINA

Learn More About Hebin

Jia Jun Fang 方佳骏 

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: eunicefjj@counsellingplay-sh.com
Phone: 86-13601669649
Areas Serviced: Counselling Playground Educational Co,. Ltd. Shanghai,China, 上海肯圃格教育科技有限公司

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Kathleen Su Chunjing, 苏淳靖,RDI注册顾问,康复治疗师

RDI Certified Consultant, BS. Rehabilitation Therapist

Email: suchunjing@counsellingplay-sh.com
Phone: +8613774289790
Areas Serviced: China

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RDI Certified Consultant

Email: 381050477@qq.com
Phone: +86 571 88085020 / +86 400 800 7718
Areas Serviced: 面向全中国提供RDI家庭咨询服务。目前已经服务的家庭所在区域为:浙江,上海,北京,南京,安徽,山东,山西,西安,四川,湖南,广东,海南,福建等。

Areas within China.  Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi, Xian, Sichuang, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian.

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Consultants in Training


RDI Consultant in Training

Email: 369160404@qq.com
Phone: 0086-13858195168
Areas Serviced: Globalwide

Learn More About Haunglun



María Fernanda Alonso

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: mafer_alonso@hotmail.com
Phone: 0056 9 845 95 903
Areas Serviced: Chile, México, and Latin America

Learn More about María


Ingrid Schumacher

RDI Certified Consultant, Psicologa clinica infantil en proceso de certificacion

Email: ischumacher1@gmail.com
Phone: 3203476901
Areas Serviced: Colombia

Learn More About Ingrid

Maria Londono

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: pilar@casazul.co
Phone: +57 316 7427205
Areas Serviced: Latin America, Spain, Spanish speaking families in any country

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Consultants in Training

Juanita Boada

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: Junis_bo@hotmail.com
Phone: +57 (310)8073445
Areas Serviced: Bogota, Colombia

Learn More about Juanita


Eleftheria Orfanaki

RDI Certified Consultant, Psychologist

Email: eleftheriaorfanaki@yahoo.gr
Phone: 6942920981
Areas Serviced: Greece, Cyprus

Learn More About Eleftheria

Hong Kong

Amy Liu

RDI Certified Consultant, MSocSc., OTI

Email: wn.liu.ot@heephong.org
Phone: 23425107
Areas Serviced: Hong Kong

Learn More About Amy

Chong Kit Yu Rita 

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: ritachong2728@gmail.com
Phone: (852) 28805655
Areas Serviced: Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, (Cantonese speakers)

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Kenneth Lut Kwan Chow

RDI Certified Consultant, Educational Psychologist

Email: edu.earnest@gmail.com
Areas Serviced: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

Learn More about Kenneth

Mo Lan Maureen Chung

RDI Certified Consultant, MSW

Email: chungmolan@counsellingplay.com.hk
Phone: 852-28805655 or 852-93229693
Areas Serviced: Hong Kong, Shanghai, China, Huizhou, China, Taiwan

Learn More

Rachel Chan

RDI Certified Consultant, Registered Music Therapist, Certified Therapeutic Play Supervisor

Email: lullabych@gmail.com
Phone: +852 61107718
Areas Serviced: Hong Kong SAR, China

Learn More About Rachel Chan



Dr. Dhanashri Pawar

RDI Certified Consultant, MBBS, DPH

Email: drdhanashripawar@mirador.co.in
Phone: +919867095955
Areas Serviced: Mumbai ,Maharashtra ,INDIA

Learn More About Dr. Pawar

Dipali Chauhan

RDI Certified Consultant, Counselling Psychologist, Diploma in school Counselling, E. C.C. E

Email: chauhandipali@gmail.com
Phone: 9673570118
Areas Serviced: India

Learn More About Dipali

Kamini Lakhani, Director of RDI Professional Training in India

RDI Certified Consultant, Behavior Specialist

Email: lakhani.kamini@gmail.com
Phone: 9967768682
Areas Serviced: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kochi, India, Malaysia, United States of America

Learn More About Kamini

Mini Gopinathan

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: minid.g@gmail.com
Phone: (+91) 9632150505
Areas Serviced: India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad)

Learn More About Mini

Dr. Mitali Vaidya

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: mitalivaidya@gmail.com
Phone: +919820802992
Areas Serviced: Thane, Mumbai in Mharashtra, India

Learn More About Mitali

Rashmi Sen

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: rashmidutta25@gmail.com
Phone: +919899890331
Areas Serviced: Delhi-NCR, All India

Learn More About Rashmi

Scherezade Tata – Irani

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: sherrytatairani@gmail.com
Phone: 0091-9820268730
Areas Serviced: India

Learn More About Scherezade



Chyntia Poedjokerto

RDI Certified Consultant, MS.Ed

Email: chyntia.poedjokerto@gmail.com
Phone: +628161128112
Areas Serviced: Jakarta

Learn More About Chyntia

Febri Sidjaja

RDI Certified Consultant, PhD.

Email: ffsidjaja@yahoo.com
Phone: +6287881367471
Areas Serviced: Home visit : Great Jakarta area, Online services : any areas with strong internet connection

Learn More About Febri


Consultants in Training

Jamal Maerof Shareef

RDI Consultant in Training, D.C.H

Email: jamalmaerof@gmail.com
Phone: 7701520346
Areas Serviced: I can serve in North Iraq (Sulaimaniyah, Erbil and Duhok) as well as middle east countries except Iran plus south east asia.

Learn More About Jamal


Doron Zohar

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: doronzoharrdi@gmail.com
Phone: 050-5237224
Areas Serviced: Israel, Israel

Learn More About Doron


Dr. Rita Giaquinta

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: info@ritagiaquinta.it
Phone: +39 347 4406624
Areas Serviced: Italy, Europe

Learn More About Rita


Izumi Abe

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A.

Email: mmkodomo2@gmail.com
Phone: +8012681965
Areas Serviced: Yokohama, Osaka,Okinawa

Learn More About Izumi

Koji Shiraki

RDI Certified Consultant, CP

Email: kshiraki-connect@nifty.com
Phone: 052-875-5301
Areas Serviced: Mainly, Nagoya City, Aichi Pref. and Tokai area in Japan.

Learn More About Koji

Sayuri Ara

RDI Certified Consultant, Certified public psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Pediatric nurse

Email: sallyaraara@gmail.com
Areas Serviced: Tokyo, Japan

Learn More About Sayuri

Yasuko Sugawara

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Ed., Clinical Psychologist

Email: yaskosugar@yourchord.jp
Phone: +81485266789
Areas Serviced: Tokyo, Yokohama and Saitama area, Central Japan, North-Eastern Japan

Learn More About Yasuko


Dr Ho Lai Jade

RDI Certified Consultant, MBBS(Malaya), MRCPCH (UK1,2a)

Email: laijade79@gmail.com
Phone: +600163665665/+600340319479
Areas Serviced: Malaysia and the surrounding countries (provided there is no RDI services in that particular country)

Learn More About Ho Lai Jade

Jennifer Peters

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A.(Hons) (U.K.), Pg Dip (U.K.)

Email: carespeech@gmail.com
Phone: +60321616618
Areas Serviced: Service RDI families from anywhere

Learn More About Jennifer

Mabel Leong

RDI Certified Consultant, MSc.

Email: mabel@positiveparentingasia.com
Phone: +60126024388
Areas Serviced: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand

Learn More About Mabel

Melissa Ratkovich-Ong 

RDI Certified Consultant, Hons.B.Arts and Sciences, Special Education/Elementary Teacher

Email: ratkovme@gmail.com
Phone: 6012-528-2572
Areas Serviced: The state of Selengor, Malaysia

Learn More About Melissa


Adriana Vázquez

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: adriana.vazgo@hotmail.com
Phone: 5516637006
Areas Serviced: México, Venezuela, Ecuador

Learn More About Adriana

Diego Reza

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: diego_rezzab@yahoo.com.mx
Phone: 52 5 41684745
Areas Serviced: Mexico, Chile, LONDON

Learn More About Diego

Karla Galvan Duque

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: karlagduque@aol.com
Phone: 52 3335991432
Areas Serviced: Mexico, South America, Spain

Learn More About Karla

Luis Fernando Padilla Barbosa

RDI Certified Consultant, Master in Psychopedagogy

Email: contacto@teaconsultoria.com
Phone: (52) 4421797084
Areas Serviced: Querétaro, México

Learn More About Luis

Psic. Alina Velasco Figueroa

RDI Certified Consultant 

Email: alina_velasco@hotmail.com
Phone: 3315645906
Areas Serviced: Guadalajara/ Zapopan

Learn More About Alina

New Zealand

Victoria Oliver

RDI Certified Consultant 

Email: vicoliver@mac.com
Phone: +64 (0) 212898877
Areas Serviced:  Auckland

Learn More About Victoria


Anna Ziegman

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A., Neuro Speech Pathologist

Email: aziegman@gmail.com
Phone: +48504366656
Areas Serviced: Poland and whole Europe

Learn More About Anna

Maria Dąbrowska-Jędral

RDI Certified Consultant, M.D.

Email: info@mariajedral.pl
Areas Serviced: Poland, Europe

Learn More About Maria


Julia Snezhko

RDI Certified Consultant, MS in Psychology

Email: jul.snezhko@gmail.com
Phone: +7-965-219-18-29
Areas Serviced: Moscow

Learn More About Julia

Saudi Arabia

Najla Al-Hussaini

RDI Certified Consultant, B.D.S

Email: najla.rdi@gmail.com
Phone: +966557703112
Areas Serviced: Eastern Region

Learn More About Najla


Bimal Rai 

RDI Certified Consultant, RDI® Program Supervisor, Educational Psychologist, MA(Appl. Psych), BSc(Hons), BA(SocSci), DISE, Cert(CBT), MSPS Registered Psychologist (Singapore), Australian Psychological Society (International Affiliate)

Email: bimal@reachtherapy.com
Phone: (65) 9 858 7160
Areas Serviced: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Mongolia

Learn More About Bimal

Christina Purnama, PhD. 

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: allaut.life@gmail.com
Phone: +65 90309324
Areas Serviced: Singapore, Indonesia, global online consultation

Learn More About Christina

Genevieve Chua

RDI Certified Consultant, MA Pshycology

Email: genevieve@childrenspartnership.com.sg
Phone: 65 96425721
Areas Serviced: Singapore

Learn More About Genevieve

Cindy Tan

RDI Certified Consultant, Early Intervention Teacher

Email: Cindyutomo22@gmail.com
Phone: +6590891993
Areas Serviced: Singapore

Learn More About Cindy

South Korea

Jia Song

RDI Consultant, M.Ed., Doctoral Candidate in Ed., Special Educator

Email: jsong.rdi.korea@gmail.com
Phone: +82(0)1077320157
Areas Serviced: South Korea

Learn More About Jia


M. Sc. Elwira Wolgensinger

RDI Certified Consultant, Psychotherapist FSP

Email: elwira.wolgensinger@kind-autismus.ch
Phone: 044 736 50 77
Areas Serviced: Nach Absprache

Learn More About Elwira

Laura Ferraro

RDI Certified Consultant, Psychologin FSP

Email: laura.ferraro@psychologie.ch
Phone: +41798533667
Areas Serviced: Switzerland

Learn More About Laura

Consultants in Training

Mafalda Pohl

RDI Consultant in Training, Social pedagogue

Email: mafaldapohl@gmail.com
Phone: +529611065067
Areas Serviced: Switzerland, Europe and Latin America

Learn More About Mafalda


Liao Su Chu

RDI Certified Consultant, Occupational Therapist

Email: ruru141010@gmail.com
886 988759402
Areas Serviced: Taoyuan CITY

Learn More About Su-Chu

Pei Ling Tsai

RDI Certified Consultant, Occupational Therapist

Email: alltogetherotart@gmail.com
Areas Serviced: Taiwan

Learn More About Pei Ling Tsai

Consultants in Training


RDI Consultant in Training, OT

Email: yang_huiju@hotmail.com
Phone: +886 0911859769
Areas Serviced: 台灣台中市南區瑞豐街23號

Learn More About Hui Ju Yang

United Kingdom

Andreja Stefulj

RDI Certified Consultant, Mag. educ.

Email: andreja.stefulj@gmail.com
Phone: +44 7707527800
Areas Serviced: United Kingdom, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania

Learn More About Andreja

Elisa Ferriggi

RDI Certified Consultant, BSc (hons), Dip. Couns.

Email: elisa@thinkautism.co.uk
Phone: 7961027007
Areas Serviced: Peterborough based. UK and international clients

Learn More About Elisa

Sharon Sargeant 

RDI Certified Consultant, BA (Hons) ChYthStud (Open)

Email: tisog@btinternet.com
Phone: 7590489384
Areas Serviced: UK, Europe

Learn More About Sharon


Consultants in Training

Racheli Senanayake

RDI Consultant in Training, B.A.

Email: racheli.senanayake@gmail.com
Phone: 7910135896
Areas Serviced: United Kingdom

Learn More About Racheli

United Arab Emirates


Therana Mamachan

RDI Certified Consultant, MS (Psych. & Couns.)

Email: taranaraje@hotmail.com
Areas Serviced: United Arab Emirates

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United States

Rachelle K. Sheely, Ph.D., co-founder of RDI®

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: sheely@rdiconnect.com
Phone: 713-838-1362
Areas Serviced: Houston

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Dr. Steven Gutstein, Founder of RDIconnect

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: sheely@rdiconnect.com
Phone: 713-838-1362
Areas Serviced: Houston

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Allison McCaskill

RDI Certified Consultant, BA

Email: developingmindstreatmentcenter@gmail.com
Phone: 478-238-4774
Areas Serviced: Georgia

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Amy Olts

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Email: aolts@tagforgrowth.com
Phone: 858-689-2027
Areas Serviced: San Diego

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Ayda Pinardag

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: rditexas@gmail.com
Areas Serviced: Greater Houston Area, Turkey

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Anat Shemer

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: anatshemerrdi@gmail.com
Phone: 919-3602795
Areas Serviced: Working long distance – any place of the world.

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Betty Adkins

RDI Certified Consultant, M.S.

Email: Betty@Bettyadkins.com
Phone: 4433064512
Areas Serviced: Washington, DC metro area, Baltimore, MD metro area, New Orleans, Louisiana metro area

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Brooke Wagner

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A.

Email: bwagner@tagforgrowth.com
Phone: 858-689-2027
Areas Serviced: San Diego, Carlsbad, Inland Empire, Long Distance

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Carmen Augustin

RDI Certified Consultant, LCSW

Email: caugustin@sweeneyaugustin.com
Phone: 1(847)583-9492 Ext. 1
Areas Serviced: Chicagoland Area

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Christine “Kiki” Haddad Zaynoun

RDI Certified Consultant, MPS ATR-BC

Email: khzaynoun@tagforgrowth.com
Phone: 858.689.2027
Areas Serviced: Cairo, EGYPT, San Diego, CA USA

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Cindy Lenzi

RDI Certified Consultant, MS.

Email: Clenziautism@connectandlearn.net
Phone: 240.285.7129
Areas Serviced: Hawaii and Maryland

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Claudia Perez Andreessen, Director of the RDI Training Program in Latin America

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A., RDI Professional Trainer

Email: claudia@capaautismconsulting.com
Phone: 8325797780
Areas Serviced:  Globally. USA, Mexico, central & south America, Europe (Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France) Texas-Houston Area-(Katy, Pearland, Woodlands, Sugar land, Cypress, etc)

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Colleen Gangemi

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Ed.

Email: colleengangemi@verizon.net
Phone: 8566736799
Areas Serviced: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York

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Dorene Short

RDI Certified Consultant, CA Credentialed Teacher

Email: dorene@independence4autism.com
Phone: (619) 208-0864
Areas Serviced: Greater San Diego Area

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Gail Ludwig

RDI Certified Consultant, Speech Language Pathologist

Email: gludwig@tagforgrowth.com
Phone: 858-689-2027
Areas Serviced: Throughout the United States

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Heather Benner Ohl

RDI Certified Consultant, MS Special Education-K-12, MAE Curriculum and Instruction

Email: heatherohl@me.com
Phone: 614-203-9767
Areas Serviced: Any

Learn more about Heather 

Dr. Jeanne M. Green

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: drjgreen@bellsouth.net
Phone: (864) 320-5004
Areas Serviced: South Carolina

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Jaclyn Collins

RDI Certified Consultant, MOT, OTR/L

Email: jcollins@tagforgrowth.com
Phone: (760) 448-5837
Areas Serviced: Greater San Diego Area

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Jennifer Lemke-Pawlak

RDI Certified Consultant, MA

Email: jlemkepawlak.rdi@gmail.com
Phone: 414-708-6976
Areas Serviced: State of Wisconsin and worldwide via videoconferencing

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Jennifer McCaskill

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A. Early Childhood Education

Email: info@changingautism.com
Phone: 478.733.0665
Areas Serviced: Globally

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Dr. Jennifer Palmiotto

RDI Certified Consultant, Psy.D., LMFT

Email: info@familyguidanceandtherapy.com
Phone: (619) 600-0683
Areas Serviced: San Diego, Tustin, Petaluma in California, Austin, Tx

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Joyce Albu

RDI Certified Consultant, ESE Varying Exceptionalities, K-12

Email: aut2teach@aol.com
Phone: 561-252-5113
Areas Serviced: All Countries and States

Learn More About Joyce

Julie G Meyerowitz

RDI Certified Consultant, MS,CCC-SLP

Email: julie.meyerowitz@gmail.com
Phone: 6466529201
Areas Serviced: Northern VA, Maryland, Southern PA

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Katherine Govoro

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Ed.

Email: kfckatherine@gmail.com
Phone: 240-447-6786
Areas Serviced: MD/DC Metro Area

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Katherine (Kat) Lee

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A.

Email: kat1216@aol.com
Areas Serviced: Dallas /Fort Work areas, Distance families from all over the world

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Kathy Darrow

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A.

Email: rdi4autism@gmail.com
Phone: 6093154416
Areas Serviced: New Jersey and PA (local), USA/Oversees via teleconferencing

Learn More About Kathy

Kimberly Isaac-Emery

RDI Certified Consultant, M.Sc.

Email: kim@autismwithexcellence.com
Phone: 6024818925
Areas Serviced: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Washington

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Kris Worrell

RDI Certified Consultant, OTR/L, SIPT cert.

Email: krisworrell@functionalkids.com
Phone: 6517708884
Areas Serviced: Minnesota, USA

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Kristine Mastronardi

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: kris.mastronardi@gmail.com
Phone: (908) 444 – 2745
Areas Serviced: New Jersey

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Lauren Conley

RDI Certified Consultant, M.A. CCC-SLP

Email: eskin.20@gmail.com
Phone: 216-469-2787
Areas Serviced: Philadelphia, PA

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Linda K. Murphy

RDI Certified Consultant, MS, CCC-SLP

Email: linda@pptfth.com
Phone: 9787120003
Areas Serviced: USA; New England and Boston area.

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Dr. Lisa Blackwood

RDI Certified Consultant, PharmD

Email: blackwoodlisa@hotmail.com
Phone: 478-238-4774
Areas Serviced: Georgia

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Lisa Skelly

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: skellyls@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 203-774-0008 ext. 300
Areas Serviced: Any towns/cities in CT

Learn More About Lisa

Lizz Ramirez

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A.

Email: lizz@pptfth.com
Phone: 7813500972
Areas Serviced: Boston Area/New England

Learn More About Lizz

Nicole Edwards

RDI Certified Consultant, MSW, LCSW

Email: nedwards@sweeneyaugustin.com
Phone: (847) 583-9492 ex:8
Areas Serviced: Chicagoland Area

Learn More About Nicole

Niina Korkala

RDI Certified Consultant, MSW, LCSW

Email: nkorkala@tagforgrowth.com
Phone: (858) 689-2027
Areas Serviced: United States and Finland

Learn More About Niina

Olga Mokrous

RDI Certified Consultant, B.Sc.

Email: olgmok@att.net
Phone: (256)7836962
Areas Serviced: Alabama & Tennessee, USA

Learn More About Olga

Peter Dunlavey

RDI Certified Consultant, B.S.

Email: peter@catchclinic.com
Phone: (650) 483-3580
Areas Serviced: San Francisco Bay Area

Learn More About Pete

Sandra Brown

RDI Certified Consultant, B.A.

Email: sbrown8490@aol.com
Phone: 817-592-5671
Areas Serviced: Arlington, Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex

Learn More About Sandra

Sarah C. Wayland

RDI Certified Consultant, Ph.D.

Email: info@guidingexceptionalparents.com
Phone: +1 (301) 768-8503
Areas Serviced: Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia (USA)

Learn More About Sarah

Shannon Morris

RDI Certified Consultant

Email: shannontmorris@gmail.com
Phone: 4782384774
Areas Serviced: All

Learn More About Shannon

Sherri Miller

RDI Certified Consultant, MS, CCC-SLP, Certified & Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: sherri@communicatingpotential.com
Phone: 4258769018
Areas Serviced: Washington State

Learn More About Sherri

Consultants in Training

Jamie Henson

RDI Consultant in Training

Email: jlhzta@gmail.com
Phone: 2145660542
Areas Serviced: Greater San Antonio and New Braunfels

Learn More About Jamie

Steven Gustein, PhD Founder of RDI®
Rachelle Sheely, PhD. Founder of RDI®
RDIconnect 4130 Bellaire Blvd, Houston TX 77025
713.838.1362 ext 102
Email Dr. Gutstein and Dr. Sheely

NOTICE: RDIconnect® neither warrants nor guarantees the level of success to be achieved by the application of RDA® or the RDI® Program by any consultant or that the consulting services to families provided by any consultant will be successful at all. RDIconnect® hereby disclaims any and all express and implied warranties, including the Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose, with respect to RDA® and the RDI®. RDA® and the RDI® Program are educational techniques that are subject to ongoing study, refinement and modification by RDIconnect® and whose ultimate efficacy is affected by the training, experience and skill of the professionals applying those techniques.

Grievance Process: RDIconnect® serves as the educational entity that trains and certifies professionals to work with families using our unique programs. Once a consultant is certified, they are private practitioners who recruit and work with clients outside of the scope of our organization. RDIconnect® does not have a direct relationship with these clients* nor do we get involved in the relationship between consultant and client, which is private and confidential. Because of the confidential nature of these relationships, RDIconnect® cannot monitor issues or disputes about billing, scheduling, communication, or any other conflict outside the scope of the consultant’s ethical practices. If you feel that one of our professionals has violated this Standards & Ethics policy, you will need to file a formal written complaint here.

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