RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: Richmond, Texas

Areas Serviced: Greater Houston Area, Turkey

Languages: English, Turkish Arabic, Kazakh

Works at a Distance

Ayda Pinardag

I love Relationship Intervention Development. I found out about RDI as a Coordinator at the The Connection Center and since then I fell in love with the all the miracles I have seen.

I graduated from the University of Florida and moved to Houston. I had no clue about autism until I started to work at the Connections Center. It was my turning point when I I experienced first hand seeing the miracles. When the families figured out the “missing link” and how kiddos came out from their shell, experiencing first meaning full gaze between a parent and child made me change my field an a coordinator to a RDI Consultant.

With the encouragement Dr. Rachelle Sheely my boss and my mentor and my friend, I started the training in 2006 since then I have been witnessing miracles among parents and kids who are in the spectrum. I feel so blessed being part of those miracles.

Besides English I speak Turkish, Arabic and Kazakh.

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