Facing an Autism Diagnosis
and Don’t Know Where to Turn?

The RDI® Online Learning Community Gives You the Resources for Growth.

At RDI, we believe that the best help for your family comes with creating a customized family plan through the help of our consultants. Signing up for our three month trial membership gives you the ability to jump start your family’s restoration process, but we strongly encourage you and your family to not work alone! Throughout your trial time you will have the opportunity to connect with a consultant to see if the program is the right fit for you and your family.

The trial subscription is $19.99 a month and is only valid for the first three months of membership. No long term commitment required.

If you are already working with a consultant please contact her for instructions on how to access the online community for you. The trial subscription offer is only for those interested in the RDI® program and looking to connect with a consultant. For current members of the community, please click the blue button in the menu bar to login.

With all of the various Autism therapies, treatments and interventions out there, I bet you are wondering one thing. “How do I know what will work for my child and my family? Whether you are new to the world of ASD or have spent years trying to find answers, we have the resources and information you and your family need to start the healing process and move on with your life.

Benefits of a Trial Membership


  • Access to the most up-to-date autism research
  • Exclusive articles & presentations on ASD, Dynamic Intelligence, communication, school Issues, non-verbal, MindGuiding & more
  • Webinars, multimedia e-learnings, tutorials & tip sheets

RDI® Program Resources

  • RDI® program goals & objectives
  • Exclusive video examples of RDI® parents working with their children on program objectives
  • Unique tools for organizing, communicating & record-keeping
  • Private groups for collaboration with unlimited team members
  • Ability to work with a consultant at-a-distance

Connection & Support

  • Discussion forums for help, advice & connection
  • Connect with people from all around the globe: parents, professionals & adults on the spectrum
  • Ability to connect you and your family with an RDI consultant for long-term help


  • Platform subscription fee is $50 per month after the first three months

We know that community membership can feel like a big commitment, especially since you are not really sure of what you are getting! If you sign up in the firm below, we will send you a series of emails that will walk you through what we offer, including videos and content from inside the community platform.

RDI’s unique developmental therapy is implemented by PARENTS and begins by your understanding of what is happening in the mind of your child. Joining the community puts you in touch with the education and people to help you move forward. Gain the confidence and tools to pull your family back from the brink so that you can go on doing what you do best-being a family.


“RDI has changed my son’s world – he goes to a regular school, has friends and plays football in a class full of children from other schools and different ages. He amazes us every day. It is a long journey and I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and ours is getting brighter every day”

Dad to a delightful six-year old

“We firmly believe that the skills Finn has learned in his RDI course have been absolutely fundamental in his transition”

RDI Parent

“We have been doing RDI with our son for about three years and it has completely transformed him from a non-interactive, non-verbal toddler to an extremely interactive preschooler who shares his day with me in complete thoughts and sentences, makes friends, and excels in a typical preschool with no outside assistance. ”

RDI Parent, K. Wood

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RDI program here

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