The RDI® Professional Training Program

Consultants are Key

RDI® consultants are key to Relationship Development Intervention® in the lives of families. These trained professionals serve as a coach to parents in the following ways:

  • Providing education on developmental issues
  • Creating a systematic plan to implement goals and objectives for parent to learn how to be guides to their children
  • Guiding parents how to promote mental growth with their child in everyday life
  • Learning to observe and analyze themselves, their child and the state of the guiding process
  • Teaching parents when and how to insert new cognitive challenges into activities
  • Monitor progress

Training Process

RDI® consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and are currently serving in 26 countries worldwide. The RDIconnect® Consultant Training Program is a unique educational program available for adults with credentials in a broad range of professional backgrounds and specialty areas. The entire program includes the following steps and typically takes about a year or less to complete.

Button Pro Page-3Professional Training Course Part I: This course combines online and in-person coursework that focuses on the theoretical foundations of our programs as they apply to neural development, Dynamic Intelligence, communication, early childhood development, etiology and pathogenesis and myths vs. science. The following topics are covered through lecture, role play, analysis and discussion:

  • Autism Pathogenesis
  • Dynamic Intelligence
  • Goals and Objectives of The Family Consultation Program
  • The RDI® Learning Community and peer support
  • General consulting principles
  • Productive client communication: maintaining boundaries, scheduling, developing responsibility contracts, sensitive clinical interviewing, avoiding the ‘instant expert’ trap
  • Guiding opportunities: choosing activities, role authenticity, mindful decision making
  • Creating assignments
  • Framing, scaffolding and productive support
  • Regulatory patterns
  • Relationship Development Assessment

Button Pro Page-4Professional Supervision: During the supervision phase, trainees work with two families under the direct supervision of an RDI® Training Supervisor who guides and mentors them through 14 projects that take them through the practical elements of what was learned during the coursework.

Button Pro PageProfessional Training Course Part II: Advanced Seminar: This course expands on what was learned in the first professional training course along with what was experienced during supervision. It also focuses on how to create and be successful as an RDI® consultant. Some of the content includes:

  • Dyads
  • Personal accountability
  • Difficult cases
  • Marketing your business
  • Advanced FCP tools
  • Professional goals and planning
  • Ethics and Standards

How to get started? Go to the country you are interested in and learn how to apply!

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