RDIconnect Staff

Dr. Steven GutsteinSteven E. Gutstein, Ph.D. , Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Steve Gutstein is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of developmental disabilities. As the developer of RDIconnect®, he has brought over twenty years of experience in treatment planning, program development, clinical expertise and education to his innovative approaches for treating at-risk children, adolescents and adults. Over the course of his career he has trained thousands of dedicated professionals, supporting them as they work with families around the world. It is Dr. Gutstein’s belief that every individual with developmental disabilities merits a second chance to realize success in a world where their choices and decisions are entirely their own.


D5309F55-D8AD-4F0D-B5ED-E3D1C3EEAC37Rachelle K. Sheely, Ph.D., President of RDIconnect® Dr. Rachelle Sheely serves as the President of RDIconnect® as well as the head of professional training and supervision. For the past fifteen years she has been a leader in the development and logistical implementation of programs for both families and professionals working with children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. Along with her extensive clinical training, Dr. Sheely brings an accomplished background in education, art, music and poetry allowing her to inject creativity and originality into the teaching, training and management of the thousands of professionals and families she reaches on a daily basis. Profoundly effecting, Dr. Sheely has spent a lifetime working with children on a professional and personal level. With a gift for moving from observation to intuitive precision, her work extends far beyond treatment, and into the everyday moments that resonate in the lives of her clients.


Jason Alvarado, Professional Training and Content Specialist Jason brings a mix of creativity, organization and tech skills to his work for RDIconnect®. Jason oversees our professional training program and works on the content development team where he crafts creative pieces and helps manage the content in our community. Jason is heavily involved with a non-profit youth organization where he has spent many years planning and coordinating events at the local and state level. Through this passion, he has had the opportunity to interact and work with people from diverse backgrounds and gain invaluable skills. Jason is currently working towards earning his A.A.S in Digital Communications at Houston Community College.



Umair Syed, Director of Information Technology Unknown Umair is at the forefront of web platform development for the RDIconnect community. He has contributed from its inception to the launching of the RDI®-LS system and is currently responsible for its maintenance, for supporting both its users and our internal organization. A graduate of Hyderabad India, Umair has also earned a Masters degree from the University of Houston. Umair is an avid cricket player and fluent in English, Hindi and Urdu.

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