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RDI® Book in English

The RDI Book chronicles the integration of cutting-edge theory and powerful clinical tools resulting in a program that has provided new hope to thousands of families with an ASD child. Dr. Gutstein describes the process in which parents are empowered and carefully trained by skilled professional consultants, to guide the cognitive, social and emotional development of their children. Through the framework of a unique dynamic intelligence curriculum, children become motivated to seek out new challenges and overcome their fear of change. Based on over ten years of research, Dr. Gutstein honors the delicate choreography critical for children of all ages to grow into independent, emotionally connected, responsible adults.

Libro de RDI® en Español

El libro “The RDI Book” relata la integración de la teoría vanguardista y las poderosas herramientas clínicas resultando en un programa que ha proporcionado esperanza a miles de familias con niños con TEA. El Doctor Gutstein describe el proceso en el cual los padres recuperan el poder y son cuidadosamente entrenados por consultores profesionales expertos, para guiar el desarrollo cognitivo, social y emocional de sus hijos. Basado en más de diez años de investigación, el Doctor Gutstein honra la coreografía delicada, crítica para el crecimiento de niños de todas las edades, hacia un adulto independiente, responsable y con una conexión emocional.

Księga RDI

Dr Gutstein prezentuje jak wykwalifikowani konsultanci wzmacniają i szkolą rodziców, aby byli oni zdolni poprowadzić poznawczy, społeczny i emocjonalny rozwój swoich dzieci. W ramach unikatowego curriculum inteligencji dynamicznej dzieci stają się zmotywowane do szukania nowych wyzwań i przezwyciężenia strachu przed zmianą.

Dr Gutstein na podstawie trwających ponad dziesięć lat badań układa delikatną, krytyczną, dostosowaną dla dzieci w każdym wieku strukturę zajęć. Zajęcia te pozwalają młodym ludziom stawać się niezależnymi, nawiązującymi emocjonalne więzi i odpowiedzialnymi dorosłymi. Księga RDI stanowi swoisty punkt odniesienia, ukazujący w jaki sposób każda rodzina może zastosować wrodzoną mądrość i odwagę, aby odnieść sukces.

My Baby Can Dance

My Baby Can Dance is for anyone who needs a reminder about what makes everyday social encounters so wonderful and why sometimes, the simplest forms of communication can lead to the most wonderful moments. For parents of children affected by autism, it is hard to identify exactly when their child slipped away. For one mother it was after planting flowers, for another it was one night in his sleep, for many more it was already too late to say goodbye. The stories in this book are of families that are all very different, and yet, their struggles are strikingly similar. They have made mistakes, they have cried and laughed and prayed. And, in the end, they have done it all for the love of a child. Along with the remarkable stories of RDI® families is a message of hope – that in their own time and in their own way these children will find their way back home.

RDI® with Young Children

Friendship, even for the most able, requires hard work, and the odds are heavily stacked against those with autism spectrum conditions. Designed for younger children, typically between the ages of two and eight, this comprehensive set of enjoyable activities emphasizes foundation skills such as social referencing, regulating behavior, conversational reciprocity and synchronized actions. The authors include many objectives to plan and evaluate a child’s progress, each one related to a specific exercise. Suitable for parental use, the manual is also designed for easy implementation in schools and in therapeutic settings.

RDI® with Children, Adolescents & Adults

Remove our emotional bonds with family, colleagues and friends and few of us would want to go on living. Yet establishing and maintaining such bonds is particularly difficult for people on the autism spectrum. This volume contains over 200 enjoyable and stimulating activities and exercises ranging over the entire gamut of social and emotional development, and is applicable to anyone, regardless of diagnosis, but will be particularly valuable for those on the autism spectrum. Activities can be undertaken independently, or with a teacher or therapist, and a full schema for the evaluation of progress and objectives is included. A companion website, free to purchasers provides a wealth of further information and support.

RDI® and Education

For children, education takes place sitting, standing, running and jumping, it translates into the change of the leaves, imaginary trips around the world and baking a chocolate cake. Learning like real life is something that never stands still. In Dr. Gutstein’s latest book, The Relationship Development Intervention Program and Education, readers meet a variety of empowered parents, professionals and consultants that have been able to maintain goals for quality of life, combining efforts in order to achieve effective remediation for their children and students with autism spectrum disorders. This book is a tribute to the people that have been able to see past the system, and focus on the student.

Going to the Heart of Autism

This 5-hour DVD covers many topics and includes 30+ video clips of parents and families participating in RDI® activities. To order this video, please email

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