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Gaze Aversion and Autism

Do you know where this edge of competence is for your child? Many factors can be combined to smooth the path that will support your ability to lead and your child’s desire to take on his own learning. In RDI® we are always looking for a way to help children realize the importance of using their own minds, not those of others to solve problems.

Hallmark Moments

Our lives are fast and we all take for granted the things we receive from others. Taking a moment to remember these things and to let people know not only feels good for the person who receives, it makes for a really good day to the person remembering.

Day Trips: Are We There Yet?

Sometimes the best thing about an extended vacation is collapsing in your own bed when it’s over. Jam-packed as many vacations are, the treadmill on which we find ourselves when we are away from home can exhaust the most energetic of parents and tire the most resilient of children. Staying in one place and exploring a surrounding area with a series of day trips can be fun; a restful pace with lots of laughter thrown in.

The Importance of Consultants

An important feature of RDI® is the consultant training program. However, this was not in place in the beginning and families who wanted to learn to guide their children would come to Houston, overnight videos back and forth and often fly in to our offices for training. A question Dr. Gutstein and I asked early on was whether RDI® could be replicated through other professionals with the same success we were having. Following is a young boy’s recounting of his family’s work with their consultant, Dema Stout. As you watch this, you will see that the answer to our question was “yes.”

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