What Kind of Guide are You? Part 2

by | May 28, 2014 | Rachelle's Corner

Remembering a close knit family.

Guiding is different from direct instruction. For example, the direct instruction referred to here is of formal education that often occurs face to face with an active teacher delivering information to a passive student. (Many schools are taking a more guided participation approach and this is very exciting!)

Guiding is more of a side by side ‘let’s take this journey together’ approach. It communicates that the guide and apprentice are active co-participants in the learning process; that both have real responsibilities for completing tasks and solving problems.

As an assignment for the RDI consultant training group she participates in, Annie Hille forwarded the following description of learning to knit with her mother. As a knitter myself, she reminded me that this wasn’t easy. And like her, I remembered cramped hands, mistakes and perseverance as my skills were refined. I love this description, though of the guiding relationship that continues between even adult apprentices and mentors.

Click here to watch Annie Hille’s video.

Annie Hille is a family therapist and completing her training as an RDI Consultant.


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