Resources for Therapists Working With Autistic Children

If you’re a therapist, social worker or another specialist who works with children, you will eventually find yourself working with a child on the autism spectrum. If you lack experience with autism, it can be intimidating, and you may not be sure of what to expect or how to be effective. Even when you are eager to learn, the latest scientific knowledge and best practices are not always easy to access or understand, leaving you to rely on common stereotypes or old, cliched models.

RDI: An Interview With a Former Student

The title art for the RDIconnect podcast
Autism: A New Perspective
RDI: An Interview With a Former Student

In this episode of Autism: A New Perspective, host Katherine Lee brings in a former RDI® student who is now in her 30s. Alysia Elliot and her mom Sharon Sargeant talk about Alysia’s life with autism, before RDI® and how starting an RDI® program changed everything.

Autism and Parenting Online Course

Whether your child was recently diagnosed or your family has been living with autism for some time now, you know that parenting a child with autism can come with unique stresses and challenges. Maybe you’ve tried different approaches to parenting without much success. If you’ve found it difficult to teach or discipline your child or share what should be joyful moments with them, you might feel like giving up on having the parent-child relationship you’ve always wanted – but there is hope. Learn more about what RDI® can do for your family with this online course for parents of children with autism.

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