Sense of Self: The Most Important Part of Autism Remediation

Join Dr. Rachelle Sheely as she talks about an important piece of autism remediation that she believes is missing from most current discussions on autism and autism treatment: the relationship with self.

Full Transcript

I wanted to bring up something that I think we forget sometimes in the field of autism and we become so concerned about the relationships between parents and children and the relationships with children with each other and that kind of thing, that we forget a huge problem in the field of autism is the relationship with self.

And I want to bring that up because if we’re always looking outward and we’re not thinking about the development of Dynamic Intelligence, we are overlooking the importance of the relationship each of us has with ourselves. When we’re talking about having the parents do this work with their children it replicates what happens into typical development. And in a nutshell, typical development, the child, the baby, begin to see the world through the parents eyes. And in seeing the world through their parents eyes they then begin to see the world through their own eyes. We see that, you know we see that with kind of running away and coming back in the individualization.

The reason why we have to go back and we have to make the children better apprentices with their children is that in autism, instead of seeing the world through their parents eyes first, the children see the world through their own eyes first. But when a infant gets a perspective on the world, the reason why the infant gets it is because they are becoming good observers and natural imitators of their parents. And it’s that way they learn to kind of navigate the world around them. And you can see when we see children in very extreme examples maybe look at a fan or want to close doors or they are still into that stability maintaining mode. They are not seeing how their parents see the world. They are only seeing it through this idiosyncratic way


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