What Kind of Guide Are You? Part 5

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Rachelle's Corner

Whenever we guide, we address the goal beneath the goal. And in this regard, RDI™ consultants and parents make use of a campus full of mundane activities such as making the bed or cooking food. These real-life activities are the “vehicle for elaborating and transferring mental processes to the apprentice while keeping the specific knowledge to a necessary minimum.” Thus, it becomes important to construct critical moments that allow for powerful discoveries and where the apprentice is challenged to expand her own thinking, even borrow her mentor’s perspective and then expand prior discoveries into new settings.

A lovely example of this is by Catalina Saez who describes learning the tango with an expert guide in a nicely constructed setting. Both guide and environment created a foundation that allowed for creative discovery.

What the video here.

In the book “My Baby Can Dance”, parents describe their personal dances not only with their children but with their consultants as well. I especially liked Calatina’s illustration as it also describes not only learning to tango but the parallel experience of RDI. Although in the beginning the work may resemble instruction, it quickly moves from guide to consultant.

Cataline Saez is from Chile and is completing her training as an RDI consultant.  


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