What Kind of Guide Are You? Part 3

Long-term Perspective vs. Short-term Result

Not all guides are good guides and our ability to recount miserable experiences with humor speaks to the importance of guiding that builds resilience. Jeannine Charney, a Chilean psychologist, compares two such experiences: the first is a beloved mentor who guided her work as a graduate student and the second of a brother who was supposed to teach her to water ski.

Watch the video here.

The first illustrates a guide who had a long-term perspective and maintained a focus on her primary mission. The second illustrates a guide who rushed into a very difficult situation with little personal preparation and a desire for a short term result.

Dr. Charney practices in Santiago, Chile and is working on the completion of certification as an RDI™ Consultant.

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  1. David Wu

    What a pity! I can not open the video link because I am in China. Anyway, experience is very important for everyone. Common people are able to get knowledge both of nature science and social, because they have many efficent abilities such as listening, watching, smelling, touching,tasting and so on. For ASD child, we should help them to turn on their sensors for getting efficent signal. At same time, they are able to get correct experience.

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