Rachelle K. Sheely, Ph.D., co-founder of RDI®

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location:  Houston, Texas,  United States

Phone: 713-838-1362

Areas Serviced: Houston

Languages: English

About Dr. Sheely

Dr. Rachelle Sheely serves as the President of RDIconnect® as well as the head of professional training and supervision. For the past fifteen years she has been a leader in the development and logistical implementation of programs for both families and professionals working with children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities.

Along with her extensive clinical training, Dr. Sheely brings an accomplished background in education, art, music and poetry allowing her to inject creativity and originality into the teaching, training and management of the thousands of professionals and families she reaches on a daily basis. Profoundly effecting, Dr. Sheely has spent a lifetime working with children on a professional and personal level. With a gift for moving from observation to intuitive precision, her work extends far beyond treatment, and into the everyday moments that resonate in the lives of her clients.

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