Stephanie Betsch

RDI® Consultant in Training

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 236-836-2824

Areas Serviced: Locally in Chilliwack. Supporting all families in British Columbia and beyond.

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Stephanie

Meet Stephanie Betsch
RDI CIT; Founder & CEO Ausome Match Autism Services

Stephanie’s passion for autism support services started with curiosity. She had met parents of little ones with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and was curious to learn more about their unique view of the world. Through hearing the stories of hundreds of families trying to navigate the world of B.C. service providers, Stephanie became aware of the major issue facing these families

While working at one of B.C.’s largest non-profits, Stephanie developed and led social groups and events, managed projects in the Fraser Valley, and became a sought-after advocate on various social issues in the province. She even had the pleasure of meeting with and interviewing regional political figures. It’s with this background that Stephanie created Ausome Match Autism Services and pursued her career as an RDI Consultant.

When not working with her team …
Steph balances a fun life of friends, adventure, family, kids, and education. She is often in nature in Whistler, at home making sourdough and weird foods, or working on her studies.

Her colleagues call her Sticky Note Steph because, at any given moment, she has 100 sticky notes on the office walls. Steph calls them her “brain explosion”. With a dyslexic mind, she embraces her past, present, and future with a diverse brain that she keeps active and optimistic.

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