Dan Liu

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: Caoyang Road 505, Room 502
Putuo District, Shanghai 200062

Areas Serviced: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangshu, China

Languages: Mandarin


Works at a Distance

About Dan Liu

In 2012, the basic training of RDI was conducted under the guidance of a consultant. In November 2014, I participated in the RDI @Proam consultant training and was certified as a registered RDI consultant in June 2016.
2012年在RDI顾问指导下进行基础训练,从实操的经验中体会RDI 对自闭症孩子的干预引导。 2014年11月参加美国RDI@ Program顾问培训, 2016年6月获得认证成为注册RDI顾问。

Since 2014, I have served for lots of families in Shanghai, China as an RDI consultant and has been a teacher in the autistic children’s group in Counselling Playground Limited, Shanghai . I used RDI’s methods to help many children establish classroom self-discipline, Create flexible thinking,and so on. Now I provide counselling and training services to families and institutions.
从2014年至今,以RDI顾问的身份已服务上海的多个家庭并一直在上海肯圃格担任自闭症儿童小组的老师,将RDI 的手法应用在课堂管理之上﹑并帮助许多学童建立课堂的自律,建立弹性思维等等。致力为家庭和机构提供咨询培训服务。

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