RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: Ontario, Canada

Areas Serviced: Toronto and the GTA, Ontario, Canada and internationally via virtual

Languages: English

Works at a Distance

Michelle Badali

Born and Raised in the Greater Toronto, Ontario area, it was 2001 when I began my career as an instructor therapist where I began to teach young children on the Autism Spectrum. Over the years, and through my continued studies and development in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, I had noticed a missing piece in many levels of services to my clients. I realized that those pieces were a lack of individually tailored support to the full family dynamic , and the focus on developing true curiosity in an individual’s learning.

In 2007 I was introduced to RDI in my work with a family, and consultation from a RDI certified consultant. It was refreshing to find an approach that encompassed full growth and simply seemed to “fit” with my values. From that point on, my independent studies and work in the field of A.B.A. was shifted to a focus of developing trust and fostering growth and safety with my clients and their families. Creating and implementing service plans that were unique and fostered a growth seeking mindset were at my core values.

By 2010, I found myself on maternity leave , and starting a family of my own. Working privately thereafter in the ABA field allowed me the time and freedom to explore various treatment programs, and align myself with like minded individuals, eventually leading myself to apply to the RDI Consultant in Training program in 2019. Completing my training March 2022, I am proud to say I am a RDI Consultant.

With a vast amount of experience under my belt in working alongside families and individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other behavioural and developmental challenges , I am thrilled to embark on my RDI journey. I am encouraged to bring forth the knowledge I have found in my nearly 20 years experience, working alongside various professionals and families in a positive, open manner. I am excited to see how my journey continues in supporting Canadian families into this new decade.

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