Chun Jing Su BS. 苏淳靖,康复治疗师,理学士

RDI® Certified Consultant, 注册RDI顾问

Location: Room 502, 505 Caoyang Road 曹杨路505号502室, Putuo District 普陀区, Shanghai 上海, Shanghai 上海, 200063, China

Phone: (0086)13774289790

Areas Serviced: China

Languages: Chinese


Works at a Distance

About Chun Jing Su

Graduated from Rehabilitation Therapy, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Good at diagnosis and treatment of autism communication disorders, speech and language disorders caused by children’s retardation, in order to achieve better social benefits. Houston participated in RDI @ Program related courses from 2013 to 2016. Currently working in Shanghai Kenpuge Education Technology Co., Ltd.,as a teacher of game counseling group and RDI consultant.

毕业于上海中医药大学《康复治疗学》专业。擅长诊治自闭症沟通障碍,儿童发育迟缓引起的言语语言障碍,以取得较好的社会效益。2013年至美国休斯顿参与RDI@ Program相关课程,于2016年获得认证注册。目前就职于上海肯圃格教育科技有限公司,担任游戏辅导小组老师和RDI顾问

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