Claudia Perez Andreessen, B.A., Director of the RDI Professional Training Program in Latin America

RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: Katy, Texas, United States

Phone: 8325797780

Areas Serviced: Houston Area (Katy, Pearland, Woodlands, Sugar land, Cypress, etc), Mexico, Latin America and South America, Spain

Languages: English and Spanish

About Claudia

I’m Claudia Perez-Andreessen. I’ve been an RDI program Certified Consultant for 21 years. I have two wonderful children, a daughter Claudia (21) and a son Nicholas. (23). Nicholas was diagnosed ASD when he was 2. We as a family began working with him with the RDI program. Immediately I felt in love with the parent emphasis and empowerment the program gave me and most important the tremendous progress I saw in my son. As a graduated from the University of Monterrey majoring in Special Education, my drive and inspiration for the RDI program grew even more when I was able to work for 10 years directly with the founders of the program Dr.Gutstein and Dr. Sheely at RDIconnect in Houston helping in the development of the system.

As a Certified Consultant, I helped families of different countries and cultures achieve their goals and milestones within the RDI program. In Addition I am the Director of the RDI Professional Certification in Mexico and Latin America and a trainer of instructors in the certification process, being the only supervisor of Spanish-speaking training consultants. I also had handled parent trainings in different countries and have been a speaker at national and international Autism conferences. I am credited with translating into Spanish “The RDI BOOK” by Steve Gutstein, and protagonist in chapters of the books “My Baby Can Dance”, “Education and RDI” and “Solving The Relationship Puzzle” also by Gutstein, where I share my RDI journey with my son.

My private practice is at CAPA AUTISM CONSULTING where I provide training and supervision of parents with children diagnosed with ASD, ADD, and other learning disabilities focusing on social /emotional/ cognitive developmental goals. I help parents increase their child’s dynamic communication, problem-solving and flexibility to facilitate success in friendship, work, and independent living.

I am bilingual in English and Spanish and live in Katy Texas (Houston suburb). I’m blessed to work with wonderful parents, children and professionals. And blessed to have such a wonderful husband and children in my own life.

Always feel free to post me. I’m a parent and a consultant whose been on the journey a long time. I’m glad to help.

Love to all, Claudia

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