RDI® Certified Consultant

Location: 100 Hill Grass Cir., Huntsville, Alabama, 35811, United States

Phone: (256)7836962

Areas Serviced: Alabama & Tennessee, USA

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Works at a Distance

Olga Mokrous B.Sc.

Originally coming from the doctor’s family Olga was always fascinated with psychological aspects of people behavior. After successful 30 years of engineering career (as Quality Assurance Manager, Auditor, and Chemical Engineer) Olga became very concerned about growing problem of Autism. Personal experience with challenges that kids and highly functional adult on spectrum are facing and desire to improve their quality of life dramatically convinced Olga to become the RDI Consultant in Training and in January of 2018 Certified RDI Consultant.

Olga thoroughly reviewed several intervention options available in ASD cases, such as ABA , Floor Time, traditional speech therapy, in combination with dietary and OT recommendations and came to the conclusion that they don’t help to provide neurologically based development in the same capacity as RDI.

It’s her deep believe that RDI approach with Guiding Relationships and concept of Dynamic Intelligence, in particular give persons impacted by ASD the best chance to have productive and independent life. Being passionate about the program and success it brings, Olga actively tries to participate in wider familiarization introduction of RDI in her State of Alabama and nearby Tennessee.

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