Dorene Short

RDI® Consultant, CA Credentialed Teacher

Location: 4520 Copeland Ave, San Diego, California, 92116, United States

Phone: (619) 208-0864

Areas Serviced: Greater San Diego Area 

Languages: English


Works at a Distance

About Dorene

When I look back on the incredible journey of my life; teaching, raising, and educating my children, bearing witness to the magic of what the human mind is capable of, I can’t help but feel a satisfying sense of hope for the future. This hope is not due to some kind of “wishful thinking” but from an experiential understanding that if you target the right things in the right way intrinsic growth and transformation is possible. And yes, I have a child with ASD. It was not always easy; nothing about parenting is, but once I acquired the capabilities to guide my child, to address his vulnerabilities, to set him on the path toward the kind of thinking we all need to navigate “real life”, my worrying ceased. This is why I want to bring Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI) to other families.

An educator with a California Teaching Credential for over 20 years, I specialize in experiential learning environments that are developmentally appropriate. Having implemented RDI approaches with my own son for the past 17 years, I emphasize dynamic, flexible, creative problem solving over static or rote skills. I also use the RDI approach with academics since so many kids with ASD struggle in relating to their academic learning.

I am so excited to share all that I have learned over many years to empower parents. My style and approach is that of a coach, who will gently support you through the learning process, so that you can build meaningful and joyful connections with your child.

Owner and Operator of Dorene Short Consulting LLC, I provide RDI®, educational, and academic consulting services to parents and educators. 

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